Zhao Ruihai QuMei furniture shopping mall platform has become the main channel sales

"electronic commerce has become the main channel of QuMei furniture sales, of which Taobao QuMei furniture mall flagship store sales dominate." Zhao Ruihai said the president of Shanghai QuMei furniture to accept the "wealth of life" in a recent interview.

as a furniture manufacturing industry has been more than 23 years of Chinese traditional industry entrepreneurs, Zhao Ruihai is not a regular Internet users, has never been shopping experience on the internet.


is an online shopping outside the mainstream "bums" has led his furniture business Sibutramine made no small achievement in this year’s online sales. It is understood that the current Sibutramine furniture online sales have occupied the total sales of 40%, carry the banner for the furniture industry and electronic commerce. In July 10th this year to August 18th Taobao Sibutramine furniture mall official flagship store "Qu Yituan" for example, in a short span of 40 days attracted more than 10 thousand customers group purchase 13 thousand sets of furniture, the market value of more than 100 million yuan, in one fell swoop hit currently online group purchase activities in the largest, the highest amount of two records, become the field of electronic commerce and a classic marketing case. This can not help but let Taobao mall home improvement Museum more than and 300 brands shocked: e-commerce has really changed the traditional home improvement industry.

from do not pay to the main channel

and many accidental net companies are not the same, Sibutramine furniture sales network began to focus on just a few years ago. At that time, Zhao Ruihai came to a conclusion: online consumers will not pay for such a large piece of furniture products.

"when we are simply that the traditional furniture price is high, consumers usually shopping habits is to touch the texture, color, and online sales of expressions of the perception gap between furniture and large customers. So at that time we believe that online consumers will not have a desire to purchase furniture."

but on the contrary, the economic crisis in 2008 inspired the traditional furniture industry online sales market, but also triggered the determination of Zhao Ruihai’s formal presence in the network. "The economic crisis in 2008, we are very nervous, I was thinking that in 2009 will be a severe winter furniture industry, furniture manufacturers will certainly reduce costs, and network sales may become the best channel." Zhao Ruihai said. Prior to the attention of network sales, he has been feeling less than force time, but the economic crisis is a good time to turn pressure into a driving force.

"we can not use today’s experience to determine some of the development of tomorrow." Zhao Ruihai said. In June 2009, QuMei furniture "e world" network mall officially launched. Subsequently, QuMei furniture stores also opened Taobao mall. QuMei became the first enterprise of the traditional furniture industry "net". In the experience of the store to see the furniture, in the online purchase orders, such a way to attract the attention of many young Internet users. More importantly, Sibutramine take up between enterprises and consumers of traditional sales channels caused by barriers. "In November this year we have a network sales platform