Shang pin accused of selling fake Dior Sunglasses customer service called the wrong hair

reporter Ye Songli

morning news Mr. Shi Shang Shang network bought a pair of glasses, said the origin of the Internet is Italy, but he received a look at the goods, the glasses on the text of the glasses marked from Austria. And the word "Austria" printed a bit "paste", according to Mr. Shi believes that the glasses are fake. Mr Shi can not even accept that the metal frame has rusted.

Mr. Shi told reporters that in June 6th he was in Beijing Luxuries 100 Agel Ecommerce Ltd operating posture LuxeHome ole net special sale of a pair of Dior in the purchase of the business elite light colored sunglasses. Merchants in the product page description of goods origin: Italy.

June 7th, merchants through express delivery of goods will sign to Mr. Shi, Mr. found there are three glasses after the anomaly: the first is the left leg in front of a pair of sunglasses marked side is the origin: MADE IN AUSTRIA (made in Austria), and the goods "introduces the origin of Italy winning note is obviously inconsistent; secondly this pair of sunglasses right ends of the glasses legs there are many suspected metal rust, so he doubted whether the glasses of new goods, businesses are not in the commercial website indicated in the product defect; thirdly, the sunglasses marked the origin of" MADE IN AUSTRIA "," AUSTRIA "and the last letter" A "the identification of fuzzy, with a letter" I "is part of the fusion phenomenon.

Shopping vouchers provided by Mr.

from the stone, the reporter saw the commodity code number and indicate the same goods online; there is sticky phenomenon on the real glasses English letters.

June 29th, the reporter called on the relevant issues still product customer service network. The other said they are investigating the situation, did not provide more information. Reporters learned that, as early as in June 10th, the customer service is still to call Mr. Shi, claiming that the product is wrong, because Mr. Shi purchased goods without goods, it will be sent to mr.. Reporters heard the voice of both parties, the customer service department, a male customer service does not mean that the delivery of goods.

the customer service also said that this commodity can be presented to Mr. Shi, the payment will be refunded later, mr.. "Commodity" introduced in the article number and marked goods leg I received on the number, there is no wrong phenomenon. I have reason to suspect LuxeHome network false propaganda, suspected of selling fake case".

in the negotiations, Mr. Shi asked LuxeHome network provide evidence of this Dior sunglasses for genuine documents, refused on the grounds of commercial confidentiality; when Mr. Shi said it signed a confidentiality agreement with each other, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility, the other is still refused. In the telephone recording, Mr. Shi in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to the other party, retreat one lose three requirements, the product is still not accepted.