Beauty shopping assistant video shopping Cool 6 nets, seven star marriage online shopping platform

July 13th news, cool 6 network video shopping channel was formally launched on the day before, today announced the news, in addition to the depth of cooperation with, cool 6 network and a partnership with the largest professional TV shopping shopping seven.

it is reported that in the Seven Star Shopping support, cool 6 network video shopping channel added a unique "energy-saving" video services, it will break the traditional QQ service form, with energy-saving video dialogue, directly solve the problem of all kinds of products businesses encounter when shopping, in time and communication to realize the convenient and efficient advantages.

Prior to

, cool 6 network video shopping channel relying on Taobao powerful content resources, information resources will be applied to tens of thousands of shopping channel has been highly recognized by users, it is with Taobao, based on a good start, then cool 6 network and the largest professional TV shopping shopping seven reached a cooperation, the two sides the complementary advantages of resources integration.

According to foreign well-known research institutions

data show that in the network shopping video, add video service and artificial single video display compared to the former users of the impact will be 3 times as much as the latter, in other words, online shopping in the one hundred people, 30% people are video beauty guide attracted to, and this is the increase of online shopping customer loyalty has some help.

Cool 6 nets vice president Han Kun said that online shopping itself there is a certain risk, cool 6 network video on-line shopping channel is born to refuse the disadvantages of online shopping actively, at the same time, the creation of beauty shopping guide will enable shoppers to fully understand all the product details, which will strengthen the integrity of users on the network shopping service and confidence, this is undoubtedly beneficial to promote the network video shopping market.

Seven Star Shopping CEO Wanrong said that with the cool 6 network of in-depth cooperation, based on the two sides reached a consensus on online video shopping. He believes that the huge online shopping market will bring the market value of the two sides can not be estimated.

Cao Junbo, vice president of

Research Institute believes that the scale of China’s online shopping market in 2009 from the explosive growth in the future, the future of the video shopping market will grow. This shows that the birth of video shopping is bound to have a certain impact on TV shopping. In the video sites are optimistic about the video shopping, how to develop the advantages of personalized service will attract users to pay attention to the most important magic video shopping.