Ma Huateng met with Wang Wei rejected SF involved in the electricity business do not price war

is one of the most popular SF company. Although it is a courier company, but who did not just see it as a courier company.

what kind of company is it? Express delivery company, logistics company, financial payment company, big data company,

After several weeks of

financial weekly newspaper reporter interviews, every floor even to visit Shenzhen city Futian District Xinzhou eleven Street Wanji commerce building headquarters of the sf.


from two angles of SF company. The first point of view, we cannot deny that SF is a good company, is a large company, is a profitable company. Second point of view, we start from the perspective of skepticism, SF can become a giant company with international standards of management, international vision and international competitiveness? It can match

and FedEx?

in the Internet as the core of the industrial restructuring period, the company had refused to cooperate with Ma and Ma Huateng, and now is particularly worthy of close attention.

SF 20 years financing ice

in October this year, the financial weekly newspaper reporter in the courier, came to Futian District is located in Shenzhen City, Xinzhou eleven Street Wanji business building. This 26 storey building in front of only the door of the road, and not as Tencent LOGO will be placed in a conspicuous place. This is the headquarters of SF EXPRESS (Group) Co., ltd..

it (Shun Feng) too low-key, low-key to do not want to be found. I was recruited, under the bus after around here for a long time, "a SF insiders memories.

SF Wanji commerce building most occupy floor, property management to the Futian local real estate group. Each layer of SF office layout basically consistent. Engraved on the glass door engraved with SF. Standard Guide for express delivery of two wall mounted TV cycles on the corridor.

reporter arrived at the building entrance, coincides with the CEO Wang Wei to discuss with the customer is completed, out from the front direction of the sf. About 1 meters of height, body slightly fat, skin white 75. Wang Wei was wearing a light blue work shirt, casual white pants, neck hanging cards work, smiling a customer in Western dress and leather shoes.

is this person, is changing and shaping the entire courier industry, and even more industry ecology.

Wang Wei’s SF express business beyond the territory. According to the third party due diligence report, Wang Wei controlled by the five entities, the control of its courier, electricity providers, aviation, information systems, call centers, such as the payment of the third party services. A few years ago, SF EXPRESS low-key registered SF bank, SF pay and other financial domain.

As of

this year, SF’s existing 31 freighters (12 aircraft owned 19 aircraft leasing), more than 5 thousand outlets, 150 more than one or two and more than 10 thousand vehicles in transit. This system seems to be large enough, but from the beginning of last year, SF is not.