CNNC 76.5% parents are willing to register the domain name CN

    March 20th, China campus health action group and the Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) joint initiative, attention should be paid to the juvenile CN domain name applications, the latest survey shows that 76.5% of the parents are willing to give their children CN domain name registration.

is reported that the China campus health action has been carried out for more than a year, to promote the healthy application of Youth Internet will be an important task this year. CNNIC organized by the CN domain 1 yuan experience activities, the machine, China Campus Health Action Group jointly launched the initiative CNNIC, intended to CN domain name as the leader, to guide young people healthy, scientific application of the internet.

According to the

CNNIC nineteenth Internet Statistics report, China’s 18 children under the age of Internet users reached about 23000000, penetration rate of more than 50% high school students, reading the news, watching television online ranked children network application, the application is still in the primary stage. According to a survey conducted in the United States, 48% of children in the use of the Internet to carry out a variety of research and creative activities.

in many developed countries, Internet applications have become an important platform for young children to actively acquire knowledge and innovation, and most of these applications are based on domain names. For example, the Silicon Valley hospital in the United States at the time of the birth of the child, the child to register with a lifelong domain name, reserve a good foundation. The majority of primary and secondary school students in Germany have their own domain name, the use of domain name to establish a web site, opened the mailbox, to carry out research activities. Young children in developed countries not only carry out a variety of domain based applications on the Internet, but also have the domain name as a personal network identity card. At present, our young people is lack of Internet applications, these creative do not catch up, will likely have the knowledge gap, lose at the starting line.

experts said that the CN domain name is China’s national top-level domain, on behalf of China, on the Internet is rich in resources, application of China law, fully protect the interests of users, and use the CN domain name can improve the information security of our country. It can be said that the CN domain name is the first choice for Chinese Youth Internet applications.