The electricity supplier spoiler express industry where the customer’s wind up licence

after FedEx, UPS two foreign express to manage the domestic express business, the State Post Bureau last week of Beijing wind up delivery of 11 enterprises to apply for the express delivery business license audit conducted a publicity, the Beijing wind up delivery Co. Ltd for operating domestic express business. It is worth noting that, just experienced the strategic contraction of the wind up, express the publicity of the business area of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, and Wuhan had Changsha, FedEx and other foreign express delivery is also part of the city in the first allowed to carry out domestic express business.

industry analysts believe that foreign courier, electricity providers have entered the courier courier market in the future, the domestic market will be more obvious echelon pattern of the domestic market, is expected to benefit consumers.

wind contraction to the first tier cities

as a business enterprise Eslite’s wholly owned distribution company built, due to the high cost of logistics enterprises, shrinking orders and other reasons, where the customer in order to achieve profitability as soon as possible, the recent wind up delivery of layoffs withdrawal station and a series of adjustment action. We say, the future first-tier cities will continue to strengthen the construction of logistics, and in the two or three line of the city is cooperation with third party logistics. The wind up to express the operating area of the public are also concentrated in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first tier cities.

in fact, as early as the beginning of this year, as the wind has been involved in the courier headquarters in Beijing pure courier business. For the operation of the domestic express audit publicity approved, where the future will also be the official launch of the express delivery business. But the wind up just after the adjustment, at present in the domestic network is not complete, we sent to the two or three line of the city express also need third party logistics company.

talk about the wolf is still far

The latest

State Post Bureau data show that the main problem in August consumer complaint is still concentrated in the express delivery delay, service delivery problems and express lost and missing pieces, accounting for 81.8% of the amount of complaints effectively express business. While consumers choose to express delivery services accounted for 31.7% of the delivery speed, cheap accounted for 24.4%, good service attitude accounted for 22.7%.

foreign courier, electricity providers have entered the domestic express courier market, for consumers in terms of price, service, timeliness has more choices. The industry is a wolf to the sound. But now the foreign express first allowed to business Co., and the first DHL crashed out of the case, a courier industry is not afraid of foreign express delivery in china. Supplier delivery, many companies also said the application express licence is not the same, but the express company "intended" as the core of the business service.

wind up an executive said in its micro-blog, foreign express delivery management and process is worth learning, but "the waves came true, the wolf is still relatively far away", the most likely is the acquisition of large domestic express enterprises, but to join the model will eventually make it sink.

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