Taobao Alliance

believe that Taobao will not feel strange, which is currently the largest and most popular C2C, B2C mall, and even internationally renowned. As a Alibaba’s products, he brought a large number of Alibaba customers, before (a few years ago) a lot of people are aware of the Alibaba through Taobao.

first, the development history of Taobao

Before Taobao launched has been a dominant, occupy the market share of online shopping mall, but from the beginning of 2002 eBay charges sellers, also launched a series of policies unwise, such as does not allow buyers and sellers in the transaction is not completed before contact, provide goods location information and limited trading city so, this is a blow to the C2C mode, attract a lot of buyers and sellers of discontent. After the acquisition of eBay eBay, Taobao is also on the line at this time, the temptation of free service for the seller is very large, which makes Taobao began to rise. Just a few months, Taobao’s market share more than, became the largest online mall, then the Alibaba has launched Alipay, let the online trading down to a very low risk, online shopping has become a spurt of development. After Taobao has launched the Taobao Mall (now renamed Tmall), Taobao (now known as the Taobao unified alliance), a strong dominance in the domestic market, and no one can shake.

two, Taobao alliance

said Taobao would have to mention the Taobao alliance. Taobao is the seller alliance gospel is the higher the gospel here first why is the seller of the gospel. Taobao alliance, Alibaba is currently the largest professional e-commerce marketing alliance. It covers Taobao customers, advertising (blue plan), Developer Platform (New) etc.. Taobao guest is what we are familiar with, through the promotion of the promotion of the Taobao seller’s goods or the entire store, after the completion of the transaction buyers, Taobao customers will get the commission. The plan is similar to the Baidu union advertising promotion, promotion, channel promotion, window search promotion etc.. I am here to say some cheating things, the seller will often be a price to sell 100 things, the price mentioned in 150, and then to Taobao customers to promote the Commission at least 8%, more than 15%, the calculation is not sold more than 100 also earn a lot? But there is a lot of guests to help you promote Taobao… So Taobao union is the seller’s gospel. For the higher, Taobao customers to promote the Commission is very high, especially some of the relatively high value of goods, such as GPS, brand-name bags, auto accessories, digital products, can get the Commission at least more than and 50 hundreds, this exciting reward for a group of Wangzhuan as hungry wolf prey like day and night do Taobao customers, and the tool is just a single page (the third party blog for free or free host +2 Level 3 level domain name).

three, the future trend of


passenger remains the best option for the seller, the higher is greater than before. Why? "