Ali B2B privatization paving the way for the transition to upgrade B2B model M2B C

recently, private Alibaba have become the hottest topic in the electricity supplier industry, the industry for the evaluation of Alibaba privatization mixed. From the objective point of view, the Alibaba need to privatization is the Alibaba’s business, Sheng Dahe of Alibaba privatization tells us that the development of enterprises not only to market demand, and demand for delisting. Alibaba in order to maintain its good image, spend a lot of money to make its B2B business to the same price with the delisting of the market, if the annual inflation count, Alibaba listed a lot of profit. So this time there are a lot of people say that Ma Yun is love to seize the moral high ground liar, in fact, can say, but Ma Yun knew that people would rather be said is a liar also need to stand on the moral high ground, because the corporate image and reputation is the healthy development of enterprises on the external factors of the most basic. (text / Wang Liyang)

Alibaba B2B privatization paving the way for the transition

Alibaba B2B business transformation is imminent, in the field of B2B electricity supplier for many years of cultivation of Alibaba, B2B business has been developed to the whole world. Over the years has made the development of Alibaba B2B business expansion bottlenecks encountered in the country want to do business on the platform of SMEs do not do not know Alibaba. Alibaba has become synonymous with B2B, but also the first choice for SMEs B2B trading platform. It is because of the Alibaba has a large number of customers, so that the B2B on the platform of information spread, many companies can not get high return on investment, instead of using other B2B platforms, or abandon the use of B2B platform transaction mode. At the same time, in the years of business expansion, customer slowdown Alibaba, after all B2B plate is so big, the Alibaba on the absorptive capacity of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises has reached the limit, the platform capacity has been basically reached saturation, B2B business transformation is an inevitable trend.

Alibaba privatization is reasonable, unexpected. Alibaba of its shares on the Hongkong stock market performance is not very satisfactory, and as a listed company, the company’s transformation need to be subject to many restrictions, in Ali strategy, the Alibaba group need to cooperate in order to do layout transformation. The Alibaba B2B will be listed under the restriction of the entire group of Ali’s legs, so that the privatization of Alibaba B2B business is reasonable thing. But did not expect that some time ago, Ali still with YAHOO’s stake in the dispute is busy raising money, when equity trading in the audience’s attention is focused on Ali and YAHOO, Ali chose this time to spend nearly $3 billion privatization of its B2B business. If this is only Ali group’s business adjustment and YAHOO’s stake in the dispute does not matter, then no one will believe. Alibaba B2B privatization is not only related to the equity transaction with YAHOO, but also with the strategic layout of the whole big Ali, and B2B business has indeed been in the transition period, the B2B market there is a lot of value to dig deep.

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