Honey bud black five fun warehouse, self play first

when the "double 11" topic into rational thinking, "black Friday" the power of the business sector also has been near the exotic holiday. Recently, Amazon, honey bud and other electricity suppliers announced the participation of the globalization of the black five carnival".

according to the honey bud introduction, in the "black five" period, in addition to the introduction of honey bud as in the past to discount, such as the highest full 199 minus 100, also launched a very innovative gameplay: Based on the warehouse between latitude – Honey bud four warehouse PK. Chongqing Ningbo bonded warehouse, bonded warehouse, Beijing warehouse and warehouse and open overseas direct mail, 4 warehouse 6 plate out of tricks to attract users, the user can get the warehouse sent in their favor warehouse after voting shopping envelopes.

figure honey bud Ningbo bonded warehouse

black five originated in the United States, the main stronghold of online physical store. In China, "black five" fire is mainly concentrated in the electricity supplier. Honey bud as Chinese maternal cross-border electricity supplier leader, the "black five" promotional play highlights in the four warehouse, behind the highlight is actually two aspect: one is the cross-border electricity supplier (self) mode advantage, two is the warehousing strength.

80% of our goods are proprietary, and now only less than 20% of the investment in the form of a platform class came in, honey bud CFO Sun Wei said. Because of the special nature of the mother and child industry, the quality of goods, security has a very high demand. Proprietary mode of cross-border electricity supplier left hand is the brand, the right hand is the consumer, from the upstream supply to the back-end storage, logistics, customer service layers of control, to ensure that goods and services. In contrast to the cross-border electricity supplier buyer mode of operation of the "black five" during the global buyers shopping spree in the eye also triggered concerns about the source of purchasing goods. In comparison, self mode was heavy, but is assured.

2015, China cross-border electricity like a sea of blood, which is a battle of scorched earth bonded area. Honey bud, jumei.com, koala sea purchase, red book and other cross-border electricity providers have to seize the bonded area, improve the layout of their warehouse. In June this year, reached a strategic cooperation with the Chongqing Free Trade Zone, honey bud nishinaga, Chongqing New Europe International Railway, the establishment of the bonded warehouse in Chongqing. Relying on Chongqing in the "The Belt and Road" strategy of the regional advantages, the use of Chongqing new European Railway return trains, the European honey bud of daily necessities, high-quality infant food supplement to China etc.. In the free trade zone in Ningbo, the first generation of honey bud. At present, the honey bud is the largest Ningbo port warehouse cross-border electricity supplier, from January 2015 to September, has exceeded 3 million single. Ningbo port cross-border business transactions amounted to 1 billion 450 million yuan, honey bud accounted for $450 million. During the big promotion in October, 25 to 30 containers of honey bud Ningbo bonded warehouse daily average, mostly diapers from japan.

Chongqing, Ningbo, Beijing, overseas direct mail, four large warehouses are different, in addition to diapers, powdered milk this kind of standard products, honey bud also an ample supply of daily necessities, Home Furnishing small, imported snacks and hot tip of goods. Honey bud >