Melon tune table car leads to the use of second-hand car supplier regulators admitted frustration

domestic second-hand car market has entered the million transaction level, in the face of such a large volume of the market in recent years, the second-hand car dealers and business platform are aimed at the field of concentrated force, expand market share. However, with the rapid development of the domestic second-hand car market at the same time, mileage and vehicle transaction fraud, inconsistent with the description of the sound of discord often lingering ear, become a problem to be solved in the second-hand car market.


melon tune table car leads to second-hand car common fault

mileage was reduced by

yesterday, the public Mr. Wang told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, said the use of second-hand cars sold through the seeds of the net to buy a second-hand car mileage was adjusted. "The thought that bought a second-hand car mileage less, but did not expect the actual mileage up to more than 20 thousand kilometers, buy this car really." Mr. Wang said.

it is understood that in March of this year, Mr. Wang in the seeds of second-hand car online selling a car on the road to see a marked mileage of more than 30 thousand km SAIC GM Chevolet Kopacz SUV. As the car mileage less, as well as the melon seeds used car sales network to ensure that the 259 vehicle pre testing standards of trust, Mr. Wang then purchased the car. However, Mr. Wang in the transfer of ownership, the first to be informed of the existence of changes in the appearance of the car, the installation of the original LED lights and other equipment does not exist. At the same time, the car did not receive the inspection mark, there is the phenomenon of overdue inspection. After the appearance of the reduction and the annual inspection of the vehicle, Mr. Wang to complete the transfer.

, however, for Mr. Wang, the transfer of small twists and turns just this car problem to bring their own troubles start. Since then, in a vehicle maintenance, Mr. Wang inadvertently let 4S shop staff transfer vehicle maintenance records, found the car maintenance records for the last time in September last year, but the mileage has reached more than 50 thousand km, with their purchase of vehicles at present more than 30 thousand kilometers digital serious discrepancies. Mr. Wang said: "I suspect this car is artificially changed mileage, but nobody told before the transaction, the second-hand car trading platform in the detection of the vehicle, did not fulfill the obligations, therefore should be responsible for the second-hand car trading platform."

electricity supplier helpless

for the purchase of vehicles suffered car mileage adjustment table, the melon seeds used car selling network side, said: consumers are communicating, will solve the problem as soon as possible mr.."

melon second-hand car sales network relevant responsible person said, had also encountered a tune table second-hand car situation, and ultimately all negotiated settlement. We hope that Mr. Wang to provide us with the 4S shop car maintenance instructions, in order to be able to understand the true mileage of the vehicle data, if there is a problem mileage, Mr. Wang will be compensated." The official said.

, according to reports, melon seeds used cars sold in front of the vehicle will be carried out on a comprehensive vehicle