mport electricity supplier honey Amoy launched black five said they do not want to play double 11


] November 10th news billion state power network, this year eleven, with imports of electronic business platform of Tmall International LED have entered the war, make the event a bit more "international color". However, there are players who want to do something different in the double eleven. The day before the sea Amoy platform honey Amoy to billion state power network said, imports of electricity providers need to make their voices heard, so it will not participate in a ten, but the overseas "black Friday" shopping Carnival into the domestic market.


honey Amoy black Friday overseas shopping Carnival activities

is reported that honey Amoy black Friday overseas shopping Carnival will be staged on November 28th, when the platform will be for the whole category to promote. From the beginning of November 8th, the first wave of red envelopes activities have been launched. At present, the stock has more than 20 million, all aspects of the investment is also very large, in addition to the promotion of the line, but also carried out a lot of hard line wide launch.

honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin said: "from October start filing, the whole team is non-stop for the" black Friday "to prepare, from plan, marketing, product, market, technology and other aspects, we have reached the peak. We are expected to achieve 10 times the effect of growth."

Xie Wenbin told billion state power network, the double eleven is a domestic Tmall to create a shopping festival, while imports of electricity providers need to make their voices heard, make their own brand. So, honey Amoy do not want to go along with everyone to join the fun, but hope to create a black Friday in China, the concept of electricity supplier in the field of imports to create a new shopping festival.

of honey Amoy, the big promotion activities will take "the two concepts of" black Friday "and" overseas shopping together, but also let the honey Amoy and "overseas shopping" more closely the opportunity, the greatest significance is to allow more domestic consumer awareness and recognition of honey amoy.