Why is Ali’s 13 years of WAL-MART’s 54 years

Alibaba in recent years, big moves, frequent cross domain acquisitions, build a huge business ecosystem.

Alibaba IPO prospectus, Ma 24 mention of the ecosystem, from the actual acquisition can be seen on the imagination of Alibaba and big ambition.

The scope of the

Alibaba intention out of electricity, with big data, cloud computing, payment networks, intelligent logistics network as the foundation, absorb the culture and education, medicine, entertainment and sports fields, expanding the boundaries of commercial, construction of commercial form of competitors to imitate. A business model in the innovation after a short period of time may be profitable, but certainly not evergreen Four seasons. Because the change of consumer demand is more and more fast and elusive, showing the characteristics of personalization and centralization, only the flow of ecological business model to allow enterprises to survive and develop.

Alibaba in the first quarter of 2016 earnings results shows the great productivity release of Ali ecosystem: in 2016 less than three months, the Alibaba retail ecosystem Trading (GMV) has reached 30920 yuan. Alibaba in 13 years time to achieve the results of the WAL-MART made in the past 54 years, which means that the world’s largest retail body transferred from the line to the line.

Alibaba constructed Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan as the main e-commerce ecosystem, and the rapid development of the market bigger and bigger. But e-commerce services currently provided by Alibaba, the key is to solve the problem of asymmetric information, connecting sellers and consumers, efforts mainly focus on the business ecosystem existing tinkering, enhance the space more and more small.

on the other hand, with China’s consumer upgrades and consumer experience more and more attention to the customer, a simple platform model sooner or later to withdraw from the stage of history, just a matter of time. As the amusement park roller coaster, when the car climbed higher and more slowly, often means that the car to reach the peak, it is heart wrenching almost weightless go down.

Alibaba is an ecological business model, then we look at the ecosystem from the perspective of the development of the business model of Alibaba.

The succession and evolution of


in nature, an ecosystem from the embryonic stage to the mature stage of development is usually experienced from simple to complex, from junior to senior evolution, its essence is from the initial unstable state of disorder gradually formed a relatively stable and orderly, and the orderly degree of complexity and in the gradual growth. The key role of this evolutionary process is the genetic and variability of the ecosystem, which is an important reason for the diversity of species on earth today.

The inheritance of the

ecosystem creates the "succession" of the ecosystem. Under normal conditions, >