On my B2C operating rules

for the B2C online shopping platform, first of all we need to have a complete set of operational planning, only by constantly improving the "operation" of planning, we can in the competition more grasp the market demand, to an invincible position. But how many people can really understand the word "operation"?

before B2C I feel not involved in the "operation" is very simple, just contact the supplier and update product platform, promotion, customer reception, processing orders, logistics, customer service service and so on! But this is "all core operation"? Are all the B2C operation are the same? If you are the same why is B2C platform operators, many eventually ended in failure? With this question I read a lot of experience for B2C operators, nearly half of their own comprehensive "race V net" personal experience we can draw the following conclusions, the so-called "operation" should have two levels, all belong to the operation surface just understand the above said, while the deeper level of operation is the detailed calculating cost, purchase cost, labor cost, logistics cost, office cost, only through all of the above After a detailed comprehensive, cost calculation, and then orders to amplify, we can operate on their own B2C platform tailored to develop their own core competitiveness and development planning.

what is called "core competence"? I think this is the key to the survival of B2C, I have a simple summary below:

1 commodity pricing and profit

at present, the external factors of online shopping can be simply defined as: because of the low price of Internet users. Of course, the intrinsic factor is the absolute advantage of cost. So how to reduce the cost is the first priority of the website operation. Here, the cost is not only reflected in the discount on the purchase, but also in the cost of artificial services, logistics and distribution costs, the cost of library storage, office costs, etc.. But we are undisputed: in the current large online shopping environment, the price and quality is an important factor affecting the choice of shoppers.


just started the B2C platform, we should reduce their profit to the accumulation of customers in the shortest time, of course, we should also maintain good and stable development of the B2C market, that is to say, we can not blindly reduce the sales price and peer "price war", but we can achieve the accumulation the purpose of customer, in other ways, such as: gifts, rebates, free shipping for the purpose of early change, (it is impossible to achieve no quantitative qualitative change) to allow customers to get real benefits. So as to retain every one with expensive promotional costs in exchange for customers.

when our customers have accumulated at the same time, we can gradually reduce the frequency and amount of activity (activity and Never mind, rising price activity itself is a cyclical process of the V network after operation) in the first half, we and the commodity price increases three times, but many old customers in the purchase never had any close.