How to open a shop on the phone Teach you the process of mobile phone registration Taobao store

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mobile phone constantly throughout, has promoted the functions of mobile phone, mobile phone and now playing Taobao, with Taobao mobile phone shop is no longer is a new work here for your specific show details on how to register and register through the mobile phone Taobao shop. Can not understand the additive Q274004600.

first step: download a mobile phone Taobao client software and installed on the phone. The specific operation is to turn the phone’s Internet function in the search window to type the phone Taobao four words, then the corresponding software, find the software download device, it will prompt the device".


second step: registered Taobao account. After finding the Taobao client icon on the phone’s desktop, click on the login screen to enter the phone Taobao, find the "quick registration" button to click on the start registration.


registration should fill in the phone number and verification code. Is your mobile phone number, Taobao, and more than 16 password settings.


complete mobile phone number and verification code, the page will be sent to your mobile phone a verification message, pay attention to timely check.


will receive the verification code on the phone message in the corresponding box, and then click on the next step".



registered with the Taobao account process and the process of using the phone to register Taobao account, the first is to enter the mailbox account


this time, Taobao will take the initiative to register your e-mail to send a message, you just need to open the mail, click on the link below to complete the registration.


The third step:

registered Taobao shop: download the good application in the future, open your Taobao. Enter Taobao.


into Taobao in the future. Open my Taobao at the lower right corner.


open my Taobao page. You will see the "I want to shop" option. Point to open it. Proceed to the next step.


points open "I want to shop". You will see the following operating interface. The first to give a Taobao mobile phone shop planning a LOGO upload. And take a good name as the shop name. Next is to