Alibaba recently launched LNUX version of Ali Wangwang

Chinese, LINUX is also more and more people, I am a, now found only one problem in Linux, is not to use Ali Wangwang. Although there are a few articles on the Internet, this can be achieved by WINE method, but the numerous experiments in I spent a few days after the discovery, WINE can be used after only 1.9 and the previous version of the Taobao Wangwang, and this is a long time ago version, and then want to hand in the software. After the launch of Ali Wangwang version, new registered users not to use the original Taobao Wangwang, which can only be used after 5 Version (this question is a little too sick, did not see other companies had done so).

version of Ali Wangwang, wine is a lot of problems, the basic can not be used.

QQ has launched Linux version, Ali Wangwang has not considered in this regard? I searched for a " ALISOFT LINUX" Linux, actually saw a recruitment platform C++ development engineer, Job Description: design, software development and background communication software performance optimization and data log analysis, interface development etc.. I hope this is in preparation for the development of the LINUX version.

I send this article, also want to attract more people to Linux want attention, and join the development version of LINUX called Ali Wangwang queue. Ali also hope to hear this voice, attention to the voice.