Crush the domain name, almost fooled!

is my website, mobile phone rang. I looked at the area code is 0592, the number is 05923896335, I hesitated. This code too strange ~ extremely reluctant to pick up the phone:

" Hello! Hello! "!

" Hello, is this the new route? " the other end of the phone is a girl’s voice.

Yes, I’m

" "


" I’m * * * * * * * technology company. Your domain name is due, do you still need to pay for it? " I didn’t catch on to what he was talking about.

" my domain name ah? " a little do not understand ~ my domain name has its own proxy background ~ how will expire I do not know? ~

" is, before you do that agent domain name, your information to us here! " I am more stupid, do not take the web domain name how we do not know? ~ we are also his subordinate agency, not a notice! A bit mask ~ but what’s it ~ I want to ~ the world wide web in recent domain agent price about 20 yuan more expensive ~ do not may Oh (I also silly).

" is there such a thing? Then how do I not know? " I continued to question the tone of the.

" yes, you can renew? " voice hard


" continued; ah, that is how to collect fees? We can go the price? " I really believe domain name was transferred to them, because it was not my domain name registration registration ~ but what time I’m still a little impression. Just do not remember the specific time > ~ "…… " I didn’t catch on to what he was saying, because it was my cell phone.

" continued; ah, that is how to collect fees? We can go the price? I phone signal is not very good ~ or you hit me. Landline phone number is 8368… " I’m asking again!

" your phone number is 8368… " I fire, when I haven’t registered the domain name according to the call that my domain name expires ~ I don’t believe it, now the phone on less than a week, this is not nonsense? Obviously feel cheated ~

" I ask you, this domain name is not registered at the time, " I have the heart of the fire, but still by the resistance did not get angry ~ after all, I am not registered to find out in the first