Liu Bao investment conference fruitful Huimin service entrepreneurship development alliance

2014 McNair treasure national investment conference victory on

April 16, 2014, by Chinese (Hongkong) Makoto Investment Group Limited company, Beijing McNair easy to pay information technology Co., Ltd. hosted the JIC treasure investment conference in Beijing Eagle Kokusai Hotel successfully concluded. According to the project responsible person said that the investment will be successful, Jiangsu Nanjing nine dimensional Technology Co. Ltd., Changchun Yi Cara Technology Co., Zhejiang Yiwu Dehong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shanxi Hao Ran electronic technology limited company from Anhui, Chengdu, and Harbin, Shaanxi, Guiyang and Guangdong, more than ten operators, direct contract in the conference site. And before this, Fujian, Shaanxi two provinces, Baoding, Jiayuguan, Harbin, Jiuquan and other municipal operators have officially signed operation. And all this, in Makoto Investment Group Chairman Wei Lijun’s eyes, just a natural thing.


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according to statistics, by the end of 2013, the country issued a total of 4 billion 214 million bank cards, bank cards per capita has more than 3, while the bank card accepting merchants penetration: Britain and the United States nearly 100%, 96% in Japan, 87% in Korea, only 10% Chinese! Which indicates that the future China bank card usage will increase at an alarming rate. With the development of the Internet, the third party payment tool rise and gradually become the bank card supporting application system, but its application in the Chinese market rates less than 20%, the remaining 80% for various reasons failed to give full play to a conservative estimate of nearly 23 billion 500 million yuan No one shows any interest in market share. In the consumer credit card has become a mainstream consumer form now, the traditional line bank card payments, credit card payments, online shopping Alipay recharge has to meet liquidity, not increasing the function of wealth of convenient payment — McNair treasure should be born. As a new generation of intelligent electronic commerce service system, McNair treasure product line more rich, more powerful, more reasonable and more perfect design management background, it will be all the third party payment market exists in the various features and advantages of the platform collection in a body, and further promote the development and perfection of the third party electronic commerce service platform, in time and space, powerful, caring service, rewarding



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2014 McNair treasure national investment conference in Beijing Railway Station, the 10 operators signed on the spot, 2 provincial operators, more than 10 municipal operators early signing, which was closely related with its investment advantages: first, channel stability: with Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanxi, Hunan and other banks direct cooperation, channel stability arrival time; two, McNair treasure binding equipment opened fast, simple procedures, more convenient functions produce more intuitive profit for businesses; three, more preferential preferential investment policy: the There was no parallel in history.. "