Baidu Hou Libin online shopping crowd of 74% search fee search interest

2010 China B2C e-commerce summit held on April 28th at the Beijing International Convention Center, the following is the director of the marketing department of Baidu engine Hou Libin speech:

Hou Libin: Thank you very much. I’m Hou Libin from Baidu search engine. Today I am very glad to have the opportunity to study and exchange with you. Today I have three main topics, we are participating in this event, there is a very main reason, in the past two years the business development, e-commerce from the scale and speed of development, has become the Baidu business development in the core of the industry. This is why we are so concerned, and everyone is very good to see this industry. One is the recent trend of Internet users search. Another is the e-commerce industry customers, in the past year is a Baidu cooperation, from the scale to a change in marketing model. The last one, we recently made a successful case for e-commerce customers. I hope these support and experience can give you a little bit of inspiration.

data can be seen from iResearch, is expected in 2010 the size of our search marketing users will probably have 400 million. From the Baidu data center statistics, in the search for 29.8% of Internet users have online shopping behavior, there are about 25% online payment behavior. According to this estimate, then it is expected that this year the entire search, there will be 1 to 200 million of the network to buy.

we from the general term, we call the general term, is the online shopping, shopping these words, from now on the latest monthly search volume, probably around 2 million in the whole. Changed to say that people who are very interested in direct shopping, from this group, we have seen 2 million. This is the search for the B2B brand, the oligarchs are more powerful, or as a representative of Alibaba.

we focus on the B2C brand, which is the recent B2C brand search and ranking. In fact, from last year, and this year there are some differences, last year is the leading industry leading trend is particularly evident, especially like excellence, dangdang. By the end of 2009, with the new industries, such as 3C, and infant supplies, clothing, this brand of diversified development is more and more obvious, the trend of various brands of middle pack pattern. Internet users for the brand awareness and loyalty, with the penetration of the entire e-commerce is increasing. This is what I just said a general term for online shopping, it searches for a trend. The latest data show that the whole word search volume, about 2 million per month. It rose by 37%.

we give some typical hot words online shopping search, I take one example, such as promotions, only interested in this kind of word search information every day, at about 50 thousand, means that the entire promotion, online shopping, it is these words is very accurate, but it is massive. We Baidu and business customers are faced with a problem is how to tap these precise mass. And the search for high gold content, will