Auto parts business vertical electric providers who dare to further ask the county-level market

one day at the end of 2015, 6, in Nanjing, held a business exchange. At the meeting, Zhang Houqi, chairman of the board in the car to personally introduce the company’s views on the industry change as well as its own platform model. On the scene, a guest’s feedback touched him.

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from a county of Jiangsu Province agents, the agents in the field of very mixed feelings, he told Zhang Houqi, "now that the auto repair industry situation is not good, in fact for large businesses, but less profit for our small businesses, is the fundamental survival problem. You the Internet platform for large businesses is the icing on the cake, for small businesses to be timely assistance. The domestic small businesses is the majority, and now the business situation for us is a real winter, we all hope you think should hold together for warmth, this platform can really provide us with the fire".

what kind of platform can solve the vital


this is a very fragmented auto industry field, market confusion, in the increasingly fierce business pressures, industry vicious competition, shoddy, fake and shoddy products flooding the market. At the same time, known as the "million cars in the Chinese market," models of auto sales enterprises are becoming increasingly diversified, category diversity and the professional skills to bring a severe test.

thus brought about by the integrity of the problem is restricting the development of the shackles of the automotive market. The interests of the owners, 4S shop and repair shop quality services, quality assurance parts manufacturers in the market has become a victim of disorderly development.

for the four or five lines of the city and county area of small and medium-sized auto dealers and auto repair factory, this situation is aggravated. Flow of small, no direct way, to get the genuine money shortage, the pressure of the burden, less technology, these problems are intertwined so that they form a vicious spiral, the industry has become more and more difficult.

a really good open platform is able to solve these problems for these small businesses. On the auto parts field, how to be a really good business platform


first, "China auto parts market million car" type of complex, can reach 10 million level. One can as much as possible to meet the needs of small and medium businesses scattered platform, its need to be as rich as possible, accurate and effective accessories to match the vehicle type database, there are as many regular auto parts manufacturers and their products will be placed directly on the platform, so that small businesses can more easily, a stop in on the platform to choose their own products. This will make those channels, the barrier completely disappeared, small businesses are the same as large dealers, manufacturers can directly get the goods, and the price is very transparent.

second, in the current economic situation, many small and medium-sized businesses more than ever need to get financial help, if there is an innovative payment platform and means to provide stronger support for small and medium-sized businesses, can largely help them make an inventory of its own business, and not get stuck due to financial problems.