The electricity supplier website will start snipe or clam bucket Fisherman benefit need to be cautio

to the new year’s day, the Spring Festival is coming, the past this time of the year is the most exciting time for commercial enterprises. This year is no exception, estimation of business enterprise as early as do the "double" of Kung Fu, ready to snatch the "double". This was a feast may melt troubled electricity supplier of snow".

survey data show that in 2011 the first two to three weeks before the Spring Festival, online shopping sales grew by more than normal compared to more than 20%. Analysis of the Internet industry, due to the short time between the two sections of the year, so the trend will be more obvious. Less than 20 days between the two sections, online shopping sales should also have no small growth, increase 20%-30% should be no problem than usual."

can imagine that many e-commerce sites have already begun to prepare for the peak. An e-commerce company official said, the company will be based on past experience, by the system to complete the calculation of stocking in advance, in order to prevent long-term supplier can not be delivered, to ensure adequate commodity reserves before the holiday. In order to ensure the customer’s shopping experience, shorten the logistics time, many B2C companies as early as the three quarter began planning two programs. Such as Amazon (micro-blog) in China this year to open up the IT system, logistics systems, distribution systems and customer front online order status query service, increase customer satisfaction.

Following the group purchase website

called "commercial war" "price war" after the companies may be ready to hit "group purchase customer service service due to war, weekends and holidays are always group purchase website transactions low, so the two period, the group purchase enterprises may not be large amount that arrange special attractive local service the group purchase project, some marketing projects, such as sweepstakes, gift activities instead. According to the performance of the previous year on Saturday and Valentine’s day, children’s day, national day, Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival and so on are the focus of the Group buy coupons, buy companies may be doing a good job at this time the user experience.

we all know that during the two sessions, a variety of "Shopping Festival" is a fan ni. "Special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival", "home appliances Festival" and "large set of goods will be of concern. This year, in the face of the market downturn, the business enterprise will not miss this opportunity, perhaps this year the group purchase will be more crowded, staged scenes when ". But no matter how fierce they struggle, our seller is perhaps the biggest winner, as long as the takings on the line. But according to the previous experience of consumers can not blindly listen to a group purchase site hit "sugar coated bullet" from harm.