The application of big data in network marketing

some time ago "contribute some ideas" about the traditional enterprise business development this article in A5, after the release of the article many people have contacted me to communicate among the operators to promote the program had mentioned: the application of big data platform. At that time, because of the length of the article and the theme of the article did not focus on the mention, is the focus of this article.

what is big data?

according to my personal understanding: in network marketing, big data is through different methods to collect the information of the customer and potential customers, such as customer preferences, contact name, consumption habits.

why would think of using big data?


SEO, the promotion of electricity supplier to the more is how to bring more traffic, but this a few months back to traditional industries, more aware of the customer is fundamental, and maintain a customer cost and development cost of new customers is not completely equal, flow to the development of new customers that is important, but the network marketing to marketing, management and maintenance of customer relationship is more important, and the collection and use of big data is ready.

how to collect big data?

1 decoy design. How to get customer information, only to allow customers to take the initiative to tell us that the information is the most real and useful customer database. So, how to allow customers to take the initiative to tell it, this is the bait design, there is a corresponding bait to meet customer needs and desires, supplemented by the corresponding customer information collection mechanism, the customer is not difficult to inform you. For example, you have a boutique in the industry and public information, this information needs to leave the email address (of course, can also be QQ, WeChat mobile phone, etc.), then sent to leave a mailbox, I believe people don’t need the information to leave his e-mail address, this is a success the bait for design to collect customer data.

PS: because such customer information collection is the initiative to provide customers, so we have to take into account the design of bait scheme user’s operation is simple and convenient, the simpler the better.

2 line data collection. In fact, everyone, every business is a circle under the cable, the customer’s. In particular, for now to enter the electricity supplier of traditional enterprises, the line of customer data is a high-quality resources, such as the dealer’s customer purchase information input and finishing, etc..

3 related industries. Especially of different products but belonging to the same or similar industry. Bernard Shaw said: "you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange with each other, or an apple per person; you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange with each other, each person can have two ideas." Similarly, for this reason, also applies to collect and collate customer data, if there are 2 companies for the sale of automotive products, a company selling a car lamp, a company selling car cushion, so 2 companies end >