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analysis of a website, a comprehensive anatomy, not just look at the surface down the conclusion, competitor analysis site must be carefully, with many aspects of analysis, thorough dialysis, so as to correctly judge a website SEO, some places are very prone to false positives, put a few easy a miscarriage of justice written for everyone to share.

just look at the number of the chain, do not look at the quality of the chain, and competitors, we can only see the chain who, didn’t pay attention to the chain who is of high quality, a high quality link, than the one hundred conventional links to the reality, you feel every day hundreds of foreign the chain has been doing very well, but others a link to the home page than you a few hundred links but also strong, more stable. Often hear people say, how many of my chain, and the competition of the chain is only a few thousand, why ranking is not as good as others, may be due to the quality of the chain caused by.

only included the number, not the quality, that included, flow rate will be high, ranking will be good, your website and website ranking of the two concepts are different, your site included 10 thousand, other sites included 100 people, but the quality of your article is excellent, 10 thousand good quality this is the real gap. As everyone knows, to write the article needs a lot of time, and the webmaster to lazy easy, most choose the pseudo original, and the owners simply use false original tools directly, like this, and talk about what quality.


keyword density of superstition, I have done such a foolish thing, to study the ranking good site, observe how these web site keyword density, then to follow these sites, their keyword density is 6%, I also changed to 6%, 7%, I also changed to 7%, modified to go, myself have changed by the circle, don’t know who to trust. Later, I know, keyword density and ranking is not directly related, can not be around the site, every time I think of the original silly to change the key word density, I can’t help laughing.

In fact, there are many places to pay attention to

, we have no intention to observe, only to see the surface of things, but did not see the essence.

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