Popular social network is a social marketing big mystery


when companies began to think about social marketing, the first thought to refer to the case is naturally social media leading Facebook, Twitter. However, if you clear target customers, niche marketing on social networks can bring you a small investment is very big harvest. If you use the words of social networks in a niche, you can Twitter better than Facebook, the interpretation and presentation of your brand, to attract more concentrated target your potential customers. Here we look at how several brands, social media, Instagram in several popular niche, Pinterest and Foodspotting to implement successful social marketing.


1 Instagram: find the same hobby specific user group

Instagram is a popular editor to share photos with iPhone social apps. You can share your photos in the Instagram community, with others including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. It is characterized by a powerful photo editing function, in the color of the photo, the filter to meet the functional requirements of a lot of amateur photography enthusiasts.

ModCloth, an online vintage clothing retailer in the summer home Instagram. ModCloth settled in Instagram, it found in the Instagram community, there is a very promising fashion community. ModCloth every day on the Instagram to share the current fashion clothes, of course, this is their own brand. ModCloth’s founder, Gregg Koger, said: "in this community, we find that there are a lot of people like us who are crazy about fashion and retro costumes. Because we have common preferences, interactive communication is also very frequent."


2 Pinterest: grab your interest

at the same time, ModCloth also achieved the same success in Pinterest. Pinterest is a good web site with a good sense of visual design. On the Pinterest, people can grab (Pin retain) to see their own interest in the Internet to share with you. It can be a recipe that you think is good, or a DIY artifact. It is a very simple way to allow users to stay in the Internet when they are interested in things, and then there is a very interesting visual experience presented (pinboard) to share with friends.