The simple way to achieve the ultimate promotion, amazing results

today in the group chat, we are talking about their use of the most boring promotion methods.

has a group of friends competing to talk about their use of boring boring, very boring way, but in fact they have a good effect.

such as forum posts, such as QQ plus friends. There are even more boring ways to promote.

sounds simple you don’t really want to do, think it is not too low, can have the effect? But this elder brothers of the income and effect should be most seckill disdains to do such "low-end" way to promote people.

before the article also wrote, when I used to advertise the company, I have seen a lot of exciting plans to promote the program, said a lot of creativity, in fact, no effect. And the actual effect of the promotion method, in fact, nothing to say, probably one or two words on the finish.

A simple approach to

, why have the effect? I think it is because of the simple, so this way is a very simple action, not so many variables, such as compared to control, post promotion, you send a post, two, or deleted, or stay, stay you may have a post to bring traffic. And if you do more, the probability of survival is basically a constant control, small-scale test, to enlarge, as long as the amount can be done up, it is hard work.

people are relying on this method, do guest, do promotion, achieved very remarkable achievements.

but many people do not want to do such a thing, some people do not believe that such a simple action, what effect, they would like to if you say so simple, everyone is successful.

some people think this way is too low, inefficient, want to find a more efficient way.

we are sometimes too impetuous, too pursuit of some of the imagination of the "efficient" approach, but ignored some people can operate very low threshold of the most simple way.

, for example, many people from the media. No matter what you use the carrier, for the media, basically enhance the fan base, is a primary issue.

there are some very effective ways to quickly enhance the fans?.

but before the solutions you have to once or "automation", some very basic is very simple, but it is probably the most stable, the most effective way, there is no attempt to use


, for example, when micro-blog, just the rise of some people, the grass root, first by way of mutual powder, accumulated fan based first, he should take the initiative to fly people, you fly 1000 people, reciprocity, there will be 500 to fly it, the foundation to expand, growth may be much faster than the same level of people. After.