Marketing case analysis SheSpeaks differentiated social marketing approach

the work of modern media buyers is not easy. They not only to ensure the coverage of the target audience, meaningful conversion behavior, but also as a provider of consumer behavior data, their role is also increasingly accepted and trusted by the industry.

there is no doubt that social media has played a positive role in promoting. But Facebook and Twitter is an empty shell, but not as a "killer" strategy. Some companies are using social networking sites, but also provide the relevant strategies, and the world’s largest brand to attract their own website. But to attract these big brands, consumers alone is not enough.

"our community is a springboard." SheSpeaks founder and CEO Freud (Freud) said. Since the company was founded in 2007, SheSpeaks has helped many companies to collect the customer’s product recommendations, and many research on the target consumer. Now, the company also provides a way to interact with consumers. "By asking female consumers about a brand, you can see if they are a champion." Freud said. "Women like to talk about a product on a blog, or write something related to a product on Facebook. And our investigation can make them speak their minds directly."

these brands include Pepsi Cola, Heinz, American Express, Rubbermaid and Procter & gamble. Each brand has worked with SheSpeaks to develop a personalized, branded product Mini site. The difference between this service and other platforms is that most of the content is not open to the public. The usual way to do this is to open up the content and community to the public, and use it to attract the audience. But SheSpeaks is through the brand’s consumer standards, select the target user from its existing 170 thousand members, of which 30% of users are bloggers. Each seed group usually consists of about 10000 members, who can benefit from the activities of the brand; accordingly, they can provide feedback to the brand, as well as their original content.

In the case of Procter & Gamble,

, the FMCG giant wants to promote the fact that many of its products are environmentally friendly. With the support of the company’s many brands, Procter & Gamble launched the "Future Friendly" activities to encourage mothers to their children to "save resources" such education. At the same time, SheSpeaks also created a micro site with the echo. Some of the content of the site is open to all Internet users, but most of the content, including forums and evaluation tests, only open to specific members.

on Johnsonville’s mini site, everyone is invited to upload videos and photos of their own and Johnson Italy sausage, but only members >