Analysis on the key points of the effectiveness of the press release of the network marketing

in the marketing industry, some of the news communication is very important, almost every day issued a press release; but there are also people to sniff at the news marketing, almost did not do the press release. Enterprise managers why is there such a big difference? The reason is that the assessment of the news of the marketing effect, the enterprise cost to do publicity, naturally want to get good results, but the effect of the different evaluation methods, the evaluation results may also have a world of difference, the small Ma Shitu Mashan marketing agencies for the press release effect analysis of several points.

press release evaluation criteria

companies since ancient times, there are market and sales of the dispute, the sale of a fixed target, the market can be said to have no accurate quantitative indicators, this is a reality. Network promotion, sales leaders want to see directly after the input output, brand promotion and public relations effect of the media and is hard to unify, it may be an important cause of enterprise evaluation of a marketing news. Press release after long-term preservation on the Internet, through the search engine, a number of media related news platform continues to spread, check at any time at any time, is a kind of accumulation, it has a long term effect of promotion, and it is standing on the third or even the public view of the enterprise, and advertising is different, when a customer brand screening and selection, often have an immeasurable effect.

Analysis of the key points of

press release effect

news marketing, in fact, is that we often talk about the promotion of soft paper, the two are different angles of view, it is not essential for the promotion of corporate branding. Press release, in addition to improve the reputation and brand effect, but also have certain sales promotion, especially with search optimization to do press release release, sales promotion will be more obvious. But the press release is on the long-term sales promotion, and can not be like the evaluation of position advertising, a month how many orders this assessment, this is not scientific.

: the whole idea of meditation

is not only a press release, do any network promotion, should have a plan. Planning is divided into long-term planning and short-term planning, long-term planning is a strategy, short-term planning for the tactical. In a new brand listing stage, our strategy is to improve the network reputation, establish brand image. How to achieve this strategy, we need the tactical planning, we need to focus on brand culture and product advantage to do the article, let the target group pay attention to brand, can feel the corporate culture and product advantages, which is the first step of success. If you just see competitors doing, we can do, just write some articles of hair, it can not say that there is no effect on the development of enterprises, but with the help of nature will be smaller, the so-called meditation, the best steel in blades is the truth.

manuscript quality — to do good work, must first sharpen his

news marketing strategy is correct, the next issue is the quality of the manuscript, which is a key enterprise news marketing >