Ant gold service will invest $two hundred million in South Korea’s mobile financial star Kakao Pay


into a large sum of money, Alipay continues to buy buy buy in the world.


, 36 krypton gold dress from the ant was informed that the South Korean Internet leader Kakao announced and ant payment services reached strategic cooperation, the two sides will together in South Korea to promote inclusive financial services.

Kakao has a high reputation in Korea, has more than 48 million users in the world, its Kakao Talk is the most popular instant messaging software in South Korea, covering more than 97% of South Korea’s smartphone users. 3 years ago, Kakao launched online payment function immediately won the favor of many users, the cumulative total of more than 14 million users, equivalent to more than 1 people in each of the more than 4 people in South korea.

Kakao is about to set up a mobile financial subsidiary Kakao Pay. For the company, according to Reuters reports, the ant gold suit will inject $two hundred million to Kakao Pay.

ant gold service, said it would make full use of the ants in the field of digital financial services experience and technology to make it the best mobile financial services platform in South korea. Kakao Pay will open Alipay in South Korea has access to 34 thousand businesses, and more mobile consumer scene also supports Kakao Pay and Alipay two payment in korea.

Alipay explained that after this means, the Koreans in various line scene using Kakao Pay to pay, China tourists in these scenes with Alipay consumer.

Kakao Pay is similar to ant payment service and its mode of cooperation in India and Thailand and other Asian countries, Alipay wants to copy mode to the two developing countries; in addition, Alipay also launched the first Internet Bank in Korea K-bank.

September 2015, the acquisition of India gold dress ant Alipay Paytm 20% shares for $680 million, now Paytm is already the world’s fourth largest electronic wallet. Previously, the Ant King has acquired Paytm parent company One97 Communications 25% shares. Sina Technology quoted insiders said that Alibaba’s total stake in Paytm reached about 40%. Alipay has established a special technical support team, from system architecture, the transformation to the wind control system is built, and then to the data capacity, help Paytm to enhance the capabilities of the platform. At the same time, Alibaba also invested in Flipkart and Snapdeal and other electricity providers in India.

November 1, 2016, the ant service and payment companies in Thailand Ascend Money signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the ant will be a strategic investment in gold Ascend Money. "Our goal is to copy the model of Alipay to Thailand". Douglas, President of the international business division of Ant King services; ·