The establishment of quality brands, first with the user to make a friend


when the brand started from "God" of the vicious circle of "control" mouthpiece "" tradition, "story" of the vulgar, with wonderful adventure out, really close to the essence of the brand, "the essence of communication is pr". Communication is not enough, to have in-depth communication, to be soul mate. How to make a bosom friend = how to build a quality brand.

first, the frequency and depth of communication

if you only with friends say hi every day, even over ten years, he / she will not become your bosom friend, who knows this truth, but many brands also like persistent say hello. If you are a time to a friend’s house, dig the heart and lung, as psychological counseling as provoked the snivel, so friends will remember you. But if you every day to do in-depth exchanges, will only be disgusted, called "snake disease".

A hedge between keeps friendship green., bosom friends not greasy together every day, the brand and the consumer is the same. Just see my friend say hi, occasionally a thorough exchange, and the long, natural Time reveals a man’s heart.

two, the depth and breadth of communication content

if you think communication is Dazui guns, it is completely mistaken. Out of the house, drinking wine, eating meat, picking up the soap is a true friend. Unique experience becomes a unique experience, experience will be transformed into a unique memory. Like a song, not miss the rainy day, but miss you and shelter from the rain eaves.

you may say, always drink eat meat that is not only a mercenary friend friend,! Yes, it’s up to you to have depth. When in this impetuous society, all people say casually, you can provide more than ten kinds of options, but also is beneficial to the body and mind, who will refuse it?

three, communication fit and difference

media without integrity, plus a bunch of media have more integrity, every day you drown in the sea of information garbage, angrily Tucao, this and I have a hair?! yes, you told me Balabala a heap, and I have a hair?! as you eat garlic, to make friends, to drink coffee feasible? Unless you cultivate a taste of Mocha garlic. To do the same brand, there is no fit point, it is better not to do.

will look on it with spider and ass behind bugs as friend? Or just like Spiderman? Not only have a fit, but also to have the difference, the best representative of yearning and future direction. But one must be careful, if you are not Eason Chan, "" to sing even exaggerated sound is not a concern from sand. The point of difference is to be an advantage, not to eat garlic to write an article on the acidity of coffee beans will be able to solve the problem.

four, communication breadth and exclusion

want to make a friend, a person is not a light hold on