Private hospital QQ drift bottle marketing strategy

QQ marketing is an important means for any industry, however, it has not been paid enough attention in private hospitals. Many hospitals often just to apply QQ to when the Advisory QQ, QQ actually has a lot of applications can be used to do marketing, for example, QQ group, QQ space, QQ mail, QQ bottle, here I will introduce private hospital QQ bottles marketing strategy.

in QQ application by private hospital Pro gaze, QQ bottle count is popular in is popular, the game has been playing bottle get hospital information of the bottle, but there is no precedent doesn’t mean we can’t do down bottles marketing to make a profile.

private hospital target customers have great geographical restrictions, in order to avoid the waste of manpower and material resources, precision marketing positioning is very important, and the current directional bottle of QQ drift bottle can be just perfect to solve this problem. Clear the marketing method, then how to implement the specific


1 is very important to do the facade. Each QQ drift bottles have a secret garden, change the head, change the name, write the signature of these are the basis for future marketing work to lay a good foundation. Head proposal to the hospital building or expert picture settings; the same name, the name of the hospital or the name of the expert; signature according to the specific circumstances of the update.

2 application for a certain number of QQ promotion. 10 QQ, each QQ is still 6 bottles, one month down can still equivalent to 1800 bottles, released the same number of marketing information, the execution of that number will more good friends, and now the new at the same time threw many people, a wider audience.

3 marketing content selection. Marketing content does not recommend the use of naked advertising content, it is recommended that the contents of the contents of the euphemism + links or euphemism + hospital, the previous period of Tanabata Festival, for example:

: gynecological health membership card delivery, you love will give you health (XX hospital); gifts sent to health health card is the Valentine’s Day gift (XX hospital)……

male division: what is the most perfect performance that prevents male friend Valentine’s day? (XX hospital); Valentine’s day counts the woman’s most mind male division disease (XX hospital)……


bottles added pictures, each bottle with send marketing suggestions.

4 garden dynamic utilization. Perhaps some people think the bottle contents of hospital name may also be an invidious, here I suggest if you have this worry, can not appear the name of the hospital or a link, the secret garden to bring their own content, to the promotion of the links in the "my dynamic", two with each other, if you send content the bottle can be attracted to the recipient, they will go to your garden.

above are based on the regional disease, the disease cross city