61 is it ready for your marketing

marketing attitude varied, the festival marketing is the most common occasion marketing opportunity, now the Children’s Day once a year to come, don’t look at the children’s festival is a good opportunity, but also all marketing, are you ready?

no matter what the industry, as long as you can think of the holiday and bundled together in a way you can become a marketing selling point, so that businesses can have what marketing way? Look at the odd billion network said if you apply.

first, "61" advertising marketing

day to the end, many businesses early began playing the ad, this is both traditional and modern practice is right, it still be not at all surprising, is a good way to holiday marketing occasion, but the key lies in how to do advertising would achieve the desired effect of marketing. Because "the most obvious feature of 61" section is designed for children, to express the theme is around the innocence, lovely and happy to start, therefore, whether it is the website advertising or promotional posters, can use the theme of rendering the festive atmosphere, to attract more user attention. For example, you can change the banner diagram for the site, since the media marketing head logo, etc., can play a certain advertising marketing.

second, "61" activity marketing

festival marketing is a way to market the most popular, many consumers will think of habitual, a holiday is coming, whether the products are discounted, consumption is a discount, even to buy things for several days will drag, especially when the festival day when to buy. Visible, this approach is the most attractive to consumers, although the use of activities to marketing approach is no longer novel, but the user’s enthusiasm has not diminished, businesses must not ignore the activities of marketing. With the development of the times, all kinds of activities, businesses can be anything out of the hearts and minds of consumers, marketing. "61" activities for the consumer groups is more than contemporary children, but those are 70 after 80, they can design some evoke nostalgia of childlike innocence, promote marketing.

third, "61" price strategy

"61" section of the so-called price war is not the commodity lowest price to attract consumer, such trouble, goods are sold out, but only a handful of business interests, little significance. In fact, the price strategy of businesses need not only to commodity prices on thinking, can give users some preferential prices at the same time, use "61" festival has a special meaning for the price adjustment of prices, also can attract users. For example, children’s Day special price of 61 yuan, or the same price, give the value of 61 the number of gifts and so on, and at the same price, but more than one thing, perhaps users will be tempted to


fourth, "61" content marketing

content marketing, I believe we have come into contact with a lot, especially for network marketers, the content is an important work of marketing, by the "61" can be a lot of