Social marketing must not only rely on social media

social strategy should be reflected in all aspects of B2B marketing. In the past, the major social awareness of the company is only on Facebook and Twitter and other sites on the content. The obvious trend is that social strategy must be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. You need to learn leveraging social media to build relationships, to listen to the voice of the market, to promote your content to buyers in the case doesn’t affect them. In order to stand out in the fierce competition, you have to do is not only social media, but social marketing.

you need to make sure that you have enough resources before you develop your own social marketing strategy, and be prepared to take the time and experience to make a sound plan. You have to ask yourself and your team these six questions to see if you are ready to develop a social strategy:

1 do you have a clear goal of social marketing


if you have your own goals, try to make it more specific, and keep it in mind when implementing every idea. Assign a key business team to discuss the importance and strategy of social marketing. It is important to understand the unique social marketing approach to your business, and to define the criteria to facilitate implementation.

2 do you have any resources for social marketing


before you start a social strategy, ask yourself, do you have enough resources to deploy?. Social marketing requires real-time response and constant updating of information, both of which require time and effort.

3 can you create enough quantity and quality to maintain social marketing topics?

social marketing by content to eat. You need to review your existing marketing assets and identify your own ideas. In addition, make sure your program allows you to produce a lot of social marketing content, including blog content release, charts, videos and white papers, etc.. Remember, of your content can become small works make only superficial changes. A good example is that web lectures can be broken down into video clips, white papers, charts, and blog posts.

4 is your site ready for social marketing attention?

before you set up a variety of social media pages, make sure your own website is decent enough to deal with all aspects of attention. Make sure your site has an active social sharing. Encourage your audience to share what you have made in your social network, provided that they provide the tools they need.

5 are you ready to integrate the social marketing strategy into the whole purchasing process?

social marketing is not just to stimulate demand, the entire sales process monitoring and tracking your target customers is also very important. In sales >