‘ll help you find the market to share a circle of friends for small projects

a few days ago, I was a group of Mug photos on the circle of friends and QQ space, originally just shoot for everyone to see, know how the photos printed on the cup, to satisfy my curiosity free to move, the many friends mistakenly think that I am going to sell custom mug, have a message for a predetermined price, ask, asked how to make……




at that time, if I reply: pro, XX Yuan also package post Oh, should have sold a lot, but I do not sell this.

later, I went to Taobao to check, found that the production of good quality mug, the general price of 50 yuan, sales are particularly good.

in fact, the production cost of these cups are particularly low, whether it is color or color, 5 yuan or so, plus packaging plus express, the cost of less than $15.

on the mug photos printed, the use of "heat transfer" technology is the use of high temperature and high pressure distillation principle, the specific I will not say more, who are interested in Baidu.

mug of equipment is also very simple, a computer, a color inkjet printer, a cutter, a baking cup machine.

computer is not what requirements can be used on the line printer; more people use the EPSON R230/R330, 1000+ price; price cutting machine dozens of baking cup machine; the price of around 300, if also printed T-shirt, tiles and other functions, can choose the multifunctional heat transfer machine, the price of 1000 +; transfer paper, printing ink, high temperature adhesive tape and other supplies at a low price of 2 yuan; white mug, color Mug 5 yuan; the total cost is less than 5000 can fix.

ready for these, this small project can operate it, every single profit 30+, 10 single day should not be a problem


what is your selling point, custom, couple cup, Memorial Cup, love cup, family cup, birthday cup…… Special significance.

you don’t Ps, unable to get customer photos beautiful? Meitu Xiu Xiu, a beauty, a whitening…… Also comes with a lot of photo frames, as well as a variety of scenarios, the two keys are up.

you and Taobao on the contrast, what is the advantage, because it is in the circle of friends, in the QQ space, so the distance is very close to the people, cordial, and other circles closed, there is no interference of external information.

There is a market

it? Go to the Taobao search keywords "Mug customized", the highest monthly sales of 13000+

what is the population of this goods, young and old, young people are the main force.

where consumers WeChat, QQ, unfamiliar street, everyone…… Social networks are suitable.