The mode and strategy of network operation in the new era

in this new era of rapid development of the network, with the increasing awareness of Chinese citizens’ network consumption, but also bring us countless business opportunities. I believe that any one person has the dream of making big money on the network, they also want a lot of ways and means, even on the Baidu search for information and business opportunities to make money online. After countless times you practice and exploration, do you happy dream, trauma with failure finally you choose to retire tennis, do an honest part of the consumer groups. I believe you still think about why I will fail?. Here you look at my analysis is justified. How to make money online? How to do a good job of network marketing? What are the best ways to make money online?. I also like you after numerous failures, there have been downhearted mood. I remember a famous saying that "failure is the mother of success", I choose the road of perseverance, although today I have a little, but not success. In the future, I will take the dream in this network war in the end. Now I will share some of their valuable experience to share with you in the hope that some of the views are not good, please enlighten.

one, to clarify the mode of enterprise network operations and ideas

A lot of profitable business opportunities on the

network, various industries are looking for business opportunities, in fact, how much? I can only use the dazzling, and other flowers feast riotous with colour words, specifically I have countless, no number. I give a few large network famous enterprises talk: "Alibaba do professional online shopping service, Baidu search engine service, 360 professional anti-virus software and network security services, professional Tencent do link service, Sina professional news media services, and Youku…", they have their own unique enterprise the operating mode and thought, with the development of network information age, business model and their ideas with the constant change. We as an initial contact with the operation of the network, of course they can’t go on the old road, engaged in their industry, their company is on track, forming a huge scale, we can’t compete with them. A child and an adult fight, you say who will win? Silly boy know what the result is, I believe you know the truth. We should go that way, which requires us to understand the network management has three characteristics: 1, the spread faster; 2, the spread of the surface layer is relatively wide; 3, the spread of distance. We should study the characteristics of these three in-depth analysis, combined with their own actual situation, to make a reasonable position in the network operation. Therefore, the network operation mode and thinking is our way out.

two, to do a good job in the promotion and direction of network marketing

has just contacted the network operation of the enterprise, in order to be invincible in the network, a place on the Internet market. Must make good use of network advertising, as soon as possible to lock their own customer groups.

1, do a good job of network marketing advertising push