How to use the lowest cost to find accurate user access to a single flow


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this is a long article, can bypass the front direct method.

July 1, 2014, China’s mobile phone users for the first time more than PC users, which means the arrival of the era of mobile internet. In the face of this change, most people feel anxious and afraid.

I also deeply felt the impact of mobile Internet on my life, because I spend most of my time watching the phone. This change has become a trend, we should embrace the Internet, and learn how to use it.

in a share, I know Guo teacher, I like to listen to his speech, unique views, sharp language, but without loss of sincerity and humor. His view is that some share in the mobile Internet era, how do we find our accurate user groups? How to let more people know you, trust you? How to bypass Baidu, can use a very low cost to get a large number of viscous flow


I think the secret to the success of the Internet is to be able to get sticky low-cost large flow. I see online business recently youmi clinic, there is a problem about the clothes yet. (this site may not exist now)

in the first two years of entrepreneurship, clothes still did not cast Baidu, a monthly income of ten, after the operation is good, Baidu was eyeing, because there is no investment in advertising, keyword by competitors bought, suffered heavy losses, operating difficulties. But around Baidu this is the pain of all Internet entrepreneurs in mind, but if you turn around them, you can not succeed.

in the process of market research, the company CEO said: Baidu is like opium, knowing that they have to spend a lot of money, a lot of boondoggle, but do not vote is not practical, can only spend money to buy peace of mind.

to some extent in the whole Internet ocean, Alibaba, Baidu’s platform is actually the flow of dealers, they built a niche in the Internet, Baidu search, online shopping is a Alibaba. Alibaba and Baidu actually put a lot of advertising on the Internet, through a variety of influence so that there is a demand for people to his platform.

we all know Taobao, Baidu’s main revenue comes from traffic, buy traffic from these platforms are extremely expensive, but once the flow is dependent on the platform, platform will be kidnapped directly. Not to mention the recruitment of very proficient platform operating rules of the team, but also subject to personnel training and the cost of loss. Therefore, we must establish their own channels of flow can be controlled to grasp the fate of their own brand.

that how to bypass Baidu, Ali, get sticky low cost large flow? The following method is based on a premise, as Guo said, you must have a good product.

I think any marketing hand