On the application of marketing methods in website promotion

I majored in marketing, because have a keen interest in the website construction and promotion, so the past few years have spent a lot of time for this study, although as a grass-roots level of the people, but to everyone, everything may have some of their own views, and we share and Why not?? after all, whether do stand still do anything. The most important is the mentality, happy happy life, do stand, to find pleasure in.

today I want to communicate with you about website promotion means, studying marketing theory all know, for products and services to promote sales, nothing more than two kinds of methods, one is to "push" strategy, is a "pull" strategy. The so-called "push", can be understood as selling, the maximum of the present products and services in multi way and multi angle in front of customers; and "pull" on the contrary, he often through a large number of other forms of advertising, let customers interested in products, and consciously understand the purchase of your products. Here, maybe some people still don’t really understand and distinguish between the two kinds of means, here we pass a little story to understand, you should have heard of "cat theory"? Is the saying of Deng Xiaoping: whether black or white, catch mice is a good cat. But today I want to say "cat theory" is Mao Zedong mentioned, the poem "Mao Zedong Xiao strategy" in the book, said in a 50s Shanghai, widely spread such a story: Mao Zedong met with the capitalists, summoned Liu Shaoji and Zhou Enlai, raised an interesting question to them: how can you the cat eat chili? Liu Shaoji said: "this is not easy? You caught the cat, the pepper into its mouth, and then stabbed him with chopsticks." Mao Zedong is not satisfied with shaking hands, said: "never use violence, everything should be willing." Zhou Enlai said: "I let the cat for three days, then I put pepper wrapped in a piece of meat, if the cat is hungry, would like to swallow the whole jujube." Mao Zedong apparently did not agree, because in his view, can not fool people by deception. His approach is: "this is very easy, you can put the pepper rub on the cat’s buttocks, when he felt when burning, it will go off with and can do and feel happy." In fact, Mao Zedong’s proposition itself is worth analyzing. The cat is not to eat chili, no matter what measures are taken, the cat ate chili is always unhappy, even according to the method of Mao Zedong, the cat ate chili, cat: who would want to wipe my ass


the above point of view on the use of our website promotion, we can use the "push" and "pull" means, landing a search engine, so that we can from the network search keywords into your website, this is the "push" and "pull", the station you tell you know do not know and the people in the forum, Post Bar, Guangdong Post, using the current events with the website content, maximum tell anyone your website, let them into your website naturally or half unconsciously. The two means, each has advantages and disadvantages, if combined, the effect will be better