How about playing the grassroots fans economy

in the Internet era, everyone is a star, and everyone can become the focus of attention. Have a group of fans, this is many people’s dream, enjoy being surrounded by happiness. However, put it in the context of the market economy, fans can also become a huge economic efficiency, especially with internet marketing, fans economy is able to play a huge energy. For example, a star in a movie, which will be publicized on their micro-blog, part of which went to the movies, this must be one of the stars of the supporters and fans, regardless of which one will be the movie star, with the way of publicity, this has even become certain rules in the film world. However, the Internet era, how to make use of the fans economy?

first, Internet marketing has become an inevitable means of marketing. Because the Internet is the inevitable trend of the development of society as a whole, it has greatly enriched the public life and entertainment with its convenience, and even changed the way people live. Then, in a way that has both the social development prospects of marketing, and even in which great splendor, which must not be missed choice. But in the Internet in the world, with "like-minded" as the principle of a small circle, and a part of the people through their IQ and EQ has become one of the leaders, to the vast majority of people, this is the use of a fan based economy. However, how to make the best use of powerful fans? Well, you have to become one of the leaders or big V large coffee class characters. In the era of the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to become the focus of life, whether you are a star or grassroots, as long as you have enough intelligence and emotional intelligence to share with the public. This is perhaps the reason for the popularity of Internet marketing can be quite popular, because of its openness and fairness, so that the whole market access has become more optimistic.

but how can we play the role of IQ and EQ? This is how the Internet marketing to attract fans, which directly leads to the following steps to better value. Then, the content should be innovative. Marketing is not a direct introduction to the content of the product, but a soft marketing, and even can be said to be emotional marketing or cultural marketing, or even personal charm marketing. Soft marketing is a deep inside the fan marketing, only to be able to let the hearts of the fans happy to spend money.

, for example, would like to use a hammer to change the world of Luo Yonghao, is to play their own personal charm, so that his hammer phone has so many reservations. Although the last abortion of this plan, but had to admit that he was the most effective economic application of the fans. The future trend of Internet marketing, it must be the emotional culture and personal charm cleverly integrated to attract the public. And the pursuit of the public is not only the product itself, but also the integration of identity in the product highlights. So, if you want to make money for the fans, you have to think about what you can bring to the fans