Soft marketing throughout the entire operation of e-commerce

soft Wen marketing in the traditional enterprise marketing process, has played a huge role. But in the e-commerce marketing system, whether it is still important, but also to create amazing marketing effect?

author thinks that in the process of operation of e-commerce, enterprises often pay more attention to model, products, capital, technology and logistics, most will ignore the packaging, promotion, marketing and brand culture, indifferent existence. In fact, as long as the in-depth analysis will find that the soft marketing still exists in each marketing link e-commerce platform.

1, positioning links: the creation of any e-commerce platform at the beginning, we must address the positioning of the platform. In other words, it must be clear that B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, B2B2C and other models, in order to carry out the next marketing plan. After determining the model, the platform must be introduced, services, cultural ideas for flexible packaging, this process can never be saved.

in the actual application of the market, there are many sites do not pay attention to the site’s flexible packaging. So that in the recruitment, investment and other aspects, will give people a kind of informal impression, a direct impact on the operation and development of the site.

2, promotion links: This is the key to determine the site traffic and influence, determine the income of the site. Regardless of the network news release, word-of-mouth marketing and other forms, is the embodiment of marketing, is also the most widely used form.

3, the brand: Interpretation of the brand connotation, the establishment of brand image, so as to enhance the site’s communication efforts, the transformation of Internet users activity, until the formation of brand loyalty. Brand story, media evaluation, word of mouth marketing and other soft marketing form, are bound to exist.

4, financing: after a period of accumulation of the market, if the promotion of precision, better market feedback. The site’s PV, IP, sales will continue to improve. During this period, the financing of the electricity supplier website to expand Zhang Zecheng for an important goal. At this point, whether it is a business plan, strategic soft Wen propaganda is an important financing conditions, and even determine the bargaining chip.

5, activities: the same as traditional products, electricity supplier brands must also meet the user’s consumer psychology. Conduct promotional events and event marketing on major holidays and important dates. In order to activate the silent users, attract new users, consolidate old customers, enhance brand awareness. Through the network soft release, EDM and other forms of dissemination of promotional content, widely used.

6, the competitive aspects: the existence of the virtual presence of the electricity supplier platform and electricity supplier environment across the region, resulting in electricity providers compete more tragic than traditional channels. Network soft release, well-known Internet media reviews, expert evaluation and business published in major media, public opinion determines the balance to which side tilt, direct the Internet users are more concerned about which platform.

7, PR links: the advent of interactive network platform, increase the users of discourse autonomy media propaganda is more inclined.