2 week promotion case analysis

in August 1st, my company’s Web site to hold the Olympic SMS PK contest activities, therefore, had to be in the first 2 weeks of July, do the promotion of the early activities. This activity, I will not introduce, interested in directly into our website. (point to this entry)

or share my promotion case.

activities in the early promotion, in addition to Ali mother’s advertising, the other is to rely on the promotion of common methods. What are the promotion methods, don’t ask me, in stationmaster net introduces such soft meet the eye everywhere.

on the first day, I still aimed at the forum to promote. Look at yesterday’s traffic source


I send the soft place, is generally Baidu post bar, chinaz.com, YAHOO forum, Sogou forum. These places. Admin5.com I generally do not how to release the nature of advertising soft. In fact, a lot of this article to see the brothers, will occasionally stick to their own website publicity, as to how to promote, each have their own strokes. See many webmaster brothers in Post Bar is used, "cheat", often posts and his own website, not a bit detached. Such as "my brother and I go to bed, how to do?" "the neighbor woman * * * *" these posts, in addition to attract those who do not mind the "wolf", other people are generally less likely to see. Moreover, to do so, but also reduces the image of their own website in the minds of users. Web site is like the children of our owners, in order to more than a few people look at our children, at the expense of their children’s reputation, I think it is not worth it. There are some brothers, like the use of sea tactics, almost you run to which it can see his figure. Of course, there are a lot of Baidu posting machine released. If it is manual hair, that the owners of the spirit is commendable. At least, I don’t have the patience and perseverance. Such a webmaster, if used on the way, his stand will be able to grow.

I posted in the post bar, usually not more than 3 a day bar. Like this event, it’s about texting. I prepared 3 soft article. Were sent to the SMS bar, emotional bar, mobile phone bar". In the "message" of the text, I just introduced our upcoming events, tell you, our website "Olympics PK competition", only need to upload 1 messages, will win 1500 yuan in cash, followed by our web site. In the mobile phone, my soft Wen, is a brief introduction of our website, you can provide free of charge, such as the blessing of the message download. I bet in the "emotion", this article emotion it, took me 1 days to write (to tell the truth, my writing is not to drop yesterday, to write this article, is really not easy. ) is roughly about an emotional stock market, the number of words in the more than 3 thousand points, also made of the series. The actress because of boring, inadvertently on the network by a short, All thoughts are blasted. messages.