Enterprise station online and offline promotion

took a Henan recruitment website, recruitment site is facing the first individuals to online recruitment and online job, so the first thing we need to do is to let more users know our website, network promotion is essential.

(1) daily SEO optimization. This is my daily must adhere to do the work by using the Microsoft expression web2 program, we are on a daily basis by Baidu, Google, YAHOO, soso, TOM and other imports, and will have talent nets, Henan recruitment of optimization.

(2) for college students in this piece, we make full use of the campus network community to carry out publicity and promotion, and apply to the universities Post Bar Baidu promotion, mainly through the campus network daily to send a certain amount of the letter in the station, the upper hand to introduce talent net providers, and resume writing skills. Promotion talent network in the middle of the students awareness.

(3) through the QQ software to collect data, mass mail. This effect is very significant, every time we will have a lot of successful people to come to visit and register, so that not only promoted our popularity and flow, but also with the registration of enterprises and personnel.

(4) to post propaganda by the Cape forum, forum mop.com. This approach belongs to the traditional way of promotion, we are in the hands of the weight of the network is relatively low, but has always insisted on doing, but also play a better effect.

(5) network hype marketing. A while ago, the Henan provincial Party Secretary Lu Zhangong to Jiaozuo to inspect the human resources market, try to cover was rejected, causing great concern to the Henan province "4050" staff employment issues, we will take this as an opportunity to publicize our timely for the "4050" staff set up SMS job platform, and with the help of Unicom mobile phone, will our website features out, about our reports on Dahe, sina.com.cn, shangdu.com media etc..

(6) based on Baidu Encyclopedia said. We put forward a series of relevant website job title, then our website to recommend to users, such as search "to find a job in Henan how to find the answer under the talent net providers, where the work of real information, recruitment of high efficiency".

(7) through the exchange of links to promote. Compared with the same industry and those of high traffic sites to exchange links, so you can achieve the purpose of mutual benefit.

second, offline promotion.

in addition to the Internet platform, we also take the following line to promote the way.

1, working with local media.

TV, the newspaper is not very good to talk about, we will find some small media. For example, some of the classified information, such as Henan’s small publications, loudspeakers, workshops and other small newspapers, we will publish our information on the top, so you can