This is the case of several nternet T company leaked user data, how to break


media reported yesterday evening, users reflect the privacy leak Meizu Flyme OS system, and reflect their own community in the official Meizu mail list, SMS, phone records, and notes and other content synchronization over a lot of strange information, suspected user privacy leaks.

according to users reflect, and sometimes their Flyme account shows a strange number, and even a lot of strangers in the address book. In addition, some others note syncing to your mobile phone, but their notes probably also synchronized to the other mobile phone, these notes recorded in many websites a lot of their own bank card password, account number and password.

at present, Meizu official did not explain. However, the media has given a solution: it is recommended that the user of the Meizu phone Guan Diaoyun sync, and delete all synchronization information in the Flyme account.

so, when the user encounters several other privacy leaks, how should we deal with it? Let’s take a look at:


in May this year, the Canadian study of University of Toronto citizen lab found that UC in the browser English two versions will disclose user information to third parties, but the security and privacy considerations, Chinese version of the UC browser is more serious.

through the analysis of some Chinese version of the UC browser and English version of the UC browser (all Android Edition) architecture, mobile network and WiFi data flow, data retention and delete function, the researchers found that some of the more serious security problems. The report pointed out that the UC browser personal authentication information and the query request in the transmission process is not encrypted, and even clean up the application cache, the user’s privacy information will be retained in the cache, the third party can still access the user’s data. In particular, the Chinese version of the UC browser to collect the information and can not be safely transmitted, especially in the Chinese version of the UC browser to open the first 270 seconds, through the HTTP and UC host communication time.

in response to this situation, I recommend the use of open source Firefox browser, and start the "Tracked" (Do Not) function. At the same time to close some information back to feature in the about:config settings.

fraud information

in June last year, the people from Shandong, Ms. Tang where to buy a ticket, then she received a text message, said the flight was canceled, and left a so-called flight line. After Ms. Tang call, the other asked her to the ATM machine for transfer, found out that this is a standard telephone fraud. However, the number of mobile phone information received fraud, Ms. Tang left only where to go to the network, even the airline did not, Ms. Tang has a phone number. Therefore, Ms. Tang doubt where the network is leaking >