Ylmf Denies Manipulating Goojje will not borrow Google speculation

February 8th news, according to "GuJie" behind is ylmf rumors, ylmf founder and "GuJie" today in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology are denied.

recently, the name is "GuJie" (www.goojje.com) the copycat search site, frequently with the Google Corporation to retreat event hype, caused a lot of industry criticism. Today commented that "GuJie" is the driving force behind the Guangdong Internet Co ylmf. But this claim was denied ylmf founder Lai Linfeng.

"GuJie" founder of small Hyun (net) also said to the Tencent of science and technology, "GuJie" behind is not what the so-called Internet marketer advice, and also for Never mind. Small Hyun also said that Google Corporation has sent him a lawyer’s letter, accusing Gu sister infringement. However, this statement has not been confirmed Google.

ylmf denied "GuJie"


recently, Gu Jie by Google to withdraw from China frequent speculation, and even seize the Southern Metropolis Daily, China business news and other well-known media layout. Today there are rumors that the mastermind is ylmf team, because "GuJie" search results and for its 115.com polymerization search results as like as two peas.

Valley sister search Beijing results

1115.com search Beijing results


technology to "Beijing" as the key words were "GuJie" and 115.com search, two web search results are as like as two peas "GuJie", even "Tiananmen" pictures of the URL link is a link to the 115.com, click the view more details of the weather, the weather forecast is the page to jump directly to 115.com.

however, ylmf founder Lai Linfeng to the Tencent said he did not and "GuJie" team members contacted, did not know "GuJie" team, "GuJie" behind that is impossible. As for the search results of the two sites are so similar, he said: do not rule out the other side to collect our search results".

Lai Linfeng also said that he would never help Gu Gu borrow Google event hype.

"GuJie" founder of the small Hyun to the Tencent denied rumors of science and technology is the driving force behind ylmf team, called "GuJie" team is due to personal interests and gather together, "and not behind what expert advice, but her appearance is just the right place", and "the valley elder sister can quickly jump red not because of person, but because of you, Goojje can go today, is the concern and love people wearing Goojje built".

"GuJie" no infringement: do not fear with Google to court

Hyun also to Tencent science shows a letter from Beijing Liande lawyer letter.