Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing issued an internal letter Lenovo announced the restructuring of the managem

today, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing published an internal letter, the letter describes the major changes in the organizational structure of Lenovo Group, which involves several major business group lenovo.

Yang Yuanqing said in an internal letter, while accelerating business transformation, but also to continue to ensure the effective implementation of the strategy to promote performance growth.

framework adjustment affects all business groups

specific details are as follows:

first, cloud services business group, and personal cloud, application related business dispersed to other business groups.

two, cloud services business group changed its name to Lenovo venture capital group (LCIG), that is, before the music fund and other related businesses, including start-up companies, small business spin off and explore new technologies. He Zhiqiang leads the group.

three, enterprise business group, will be renamed DCG, data center business group, Gerry Smith as president of any DCG Zhou Qingtong for DCG, while Lenovo Group CIO.

four, PC business group, will set up a personal computer and smart devices business group (PC& SD), led by Lenovo Group President and chief operating officer Gianfranco Lanci. PC& SD business covers personal computers, tablet PCs, smart TVs, smart home and other networking devices.

the original MBG’s tablet business into the group. In addition, VR/AR departments under this group.

five, MBG adjusted, Aymar deLencquesaing and Chen Xudong as co president of MBG. Chen Xudong will be fully responsible for the business in China, while the overseas business is responsible for the Aymar de Lencquesaing. Rick Osterloh will leave lenovo.

six, in addition, Lenovo also appointed a number of executives, including:

1, the chief operating officer of North America, the industry’s senior vice president of Lenovo EmilioGhilardi and vice president of North america.

, chief strategy officer Ken Wong 2 will be promoted to senior vice president of Lenovo Group, and to succeed Roderick Lappin became the president of the Asia Pacific region.

3, Tong Fuyao will be promoted to associate senior vice president and President of china.

4, Barry Au will be promoted to senior vice president of Lenovo Group, responsible for the group’s financial management and control, and served as chief financial officer of the district and LCIG, chief financial officer Huang Weiming report.

is the following Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing internal letter:


last year we made a clear strategic layout, our business to be more diversified, more