Vice president of New Oriental online spring is far from the advent of online education


, vice president of New Oriental Online

Copy to China in the field of online education has once again been confirmed. Over the past two years, the United States, such as Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera and many other new models of Internet education companies, in 2012, China has emerged a lot of web-based education startups. In this field, the latest news is online learning service provider fund-raising $103 million.


, hope Chinese online education entrepreneurs and focus on online education investment people, don’t be blinded by the news presentation. To know that has set up operations for 17 years, revenues of over $one hundred million, also want to know that is all personal and corporate training market, but also know us huge differences in copyright protection…… What’s more, look at it in the United States the success of this model is for months and years. 2Tor, put aside the case, although the financing events in the United States online education companies frequently, but look, in fact, the amount of financing compared to other areas of the Internet is not high, although visible U.S. investors are optimistic about this area, but the shot are also more cautious. Generally speaking, China’s investment institutions are not really a few innovative areas of innovation, the basic is to see the wind in the United States, so that China’s rudder. So, for less network education was successfully validated the field, do not really dare to throw much money, China rooted in network education entrepreneurs not to be fooled by the illusion. I believe that the field of online education is far more difficult than the subjective imagination, not to expect any huge financing.


veteran video teaching website is undoubtedly one of the most successful cases of online education. Who is our people’s characteristics, network education of new entrants are also probably the case, several last year came out of the institutions are to take the platform of operating structure, we may have become a Taobao heart education. I’m not sure it will be successful in the C2C mode, I only know that a similar pattern in 06, 07 years already, only a few companies that The whole army was wiped out.. The current into the martyrs, can become a pioneer of


can not have a standard answer, but there are a few problems to be solved:

one, a pure Internet people do online education business is the largest short board is not aware of education. Therefore, the founder of the team must have to understand the people involved in teaching, in order to help understand the whole process of teaching and learning user behavior, to build a more fit educational needs of the platform function. If you do not have a deep understanding of retail, it is impossible to achieve Taobao; if there is no