New York Chinese sued the CNN case accepted in the United States

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April 22nd, New York resident Liang Shubing joint China citizens Li Lilan, commissioned by the local lawyers sued CNN and Cafferty, claims $1 billion 300 million. They asked CNN to pay one dollar for every chinese. Reporters learned 25, a local federal court has accepted the case.

CNN reported in April 26th CCTV host Cafferty remarks insulted China aroused worldwide indignation of Chinese, the reporter learned yesterday, the New York Chinese commissioned local lawyers filed a lawsuit against CNN and Cafferty, for each Chinese a total of $1 billion 300 million dollars, and a local federal court has accepted the case.

Liang Shubing, a New York resident China citizen Lee 22, commissioned by the New York lawyer Hamming 6 lawyers filed a class action lawsuit against CNN and its host Cafferty, for $1 billion 300 million. One of the lawyers said, compensation for each Chinese dollar, not much." The lawsuit contents and reasons include: first, the insult and slander the Chinese; second, the defendant intentionally causing damage to the spirit of Chinese; third, the gross negligence causing mental harm of Chinese.

last night, the reporter from the local media website to search for this news, found that the New York post and other urban media invariably to keep a low profile, only released a few hundred words of short messages.

this, Xu Shenjian, associate professor of China University of Political Science and Law, told reporters that the New York Chinese sued CNN and the events of the more symbolic significance of the". Emotionally, it is positive action to safeguard their rights, is the reasonable demands of the Chinese; from a legal perspective, the relationship between Western press freedom and legal norms has been more complicated, and the judge’s personal attitude is also a factor, so the case in favor of the outlook remains to be seen.