Daily topic China YAHOO portal closed to do Ali charity

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 2nd news, yesterday, YAHOO officially stopped its portal business, is no longer providing information and community services. Operator Alibaba explained that the original team will focus on the dissemination of public welfare undertakings Alibaba group.

according to the Chinese YAHOO announcement shows that the service is based on the closure of the Alibaba group in 2012 and the United States YAHOO agreement, YAHOO will adjust its operating strategy. A review of share repurchase program reached 2012 Alibaba YAHOO group and the United States, the two sides agreed at the time, the Group acquired Alibaba continue to "YAHOO" brand operation "Chinese YAHOO" operating rights for four years. Since then, Alibaba began to gradually adjust the relevant services. In April of this year, China announced the closure of YAHOO in China, YAHOO. Today, the portal information and community business is officially closed marks the core business of China’s YAHOO has been out of the market.

for the halt, China YAHOO said it will be transferred to the cause of the spread of public welfare Alibaba group. The public welfare is the focus of the project after the dismissal of Ali Ali group CEO. This year, the focus will be focused on public welfare projects." Yesterday, Ali group public relations department said. In addition, for the service to shut down, Ali responsible person to respond to reporters, said China’s YAHOO brand is still vested in Ali group, and will not be returned to the United States YAHOO.

in China for more than and 10 years, China’s YAHOO portal why the final choice to close it, on the one hand is the operator of the strategic adjustment of Alibaba. 8 years ago, Alibaba group won the right to operate YAHOO brand in mainland China, however, China has not improved YAHOO. YAHOO’s brand in China for the remaining two years of using a long time, Alibaba decided to adjust the operating strategy of China’s YAHOO, centralized resources to do public service Alibaba. Late last year, YAHOO has pulled out of the Korean market. On the other hand, by the impact of social networking sites such as micro-blog and WeChat, the major portals have become traditional media, no longer favored by users.

portal means the introduction of user traffic, which is self-evident significance of Internet companies." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Information Technology Research Center Secretary General Jiang Qiping said, with Ali’s plate did not have the position of China YAHOO, China’s YAHOO closed the portal business has its inevitability. China YAHOO has been the game of Ali and YAHOO plate. The most famous Chinese Internet vegetable company, finally pulled out oxygen." Senior IT manager Wang Guanxiong commented that China’s YAHOO business in China has been shrinking. In Jiang Qiping view, YAHOO defeated China, more is not adapt to the Internet industry rules, previously closed YAHOO mailbox user triggered a strong rebound is a typical example, in the field of Internet, the user experience is God, this is the law of survival. The major foreign Internet Co tend to belittle Chinese consumers, which is their common problem."

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