MySpace excellent staff have left the middle management almost collapse

news March 14th, the famous American technology blog TechCrunch founder Michael · Arlington recently published an article that MySpace the most outstanding staff are leaving, although MySpace is trying to hire more people to fill vacancies, but left a large number of technicians and management personnel will cause irreparable loss of MySpace.

According to

reports, MySpace chief software architect Chris · Bissell, chief architect and Development Manager Faruinuo Dan · Robbie · Coleman recently submitted his resignation to the company. According to sources, the three people have joined the innovation of enterprise Gravity, the company was founded in December 2009, is the founder of MySpace, former chief operating officer Amit · Karp, former senior vice president Steve · and Jim PillMan; former senior vice president of · Tony Nadto.

In addition

, MySpace vice president and general manager of mobile business John · Memphis, user experience · senior vice president Katie; the majority of the members of the team and Jie Ming, in the recent turnover.


also said that the day before the MySpace staff complained that MySpace lost the direction of development, high-level strategy due to the lack of effective implementation of middle managers, but little, and some market prospects of the project was halted because of personnel changes. Now it seems with career ambitions or staff have left, or trying to find another job.

Arlington said: if a company must decline to the lowest point is likely to Nirvana reborn, now MySpace obviously has been reduced to such a situation. However, Murdoch, chairman of its holding news group, the apparent lack of awareness of the Internet, unless it can get rid of the news group’s control, otherwise I am afraid that there is no hope of revival MySpace. (He Wenwei)