DNS domain name service provider through large-scale fault malicious attacks in Broilers

      Sina Francisco May 21st morning news, according to multiple sources, May 19th cause province network fault have been identified: the domain name service provider DNSPod encounter malicious attacks resulting in paralysis, its service object storm, website users submit free access method to find the correct server access for telecommunications network leads to accumulation of burden. The final result of network paralysis.

DNSPod suffered malicious attacks 10G traffic

DNSPod is a free DNS (domain name system) products, to provide intelligent analysis for the telecom, Netcom, education network server site, let users access Telecom Telecom server, user access to the server Netcom, to achieve interoperability effect. Storm video is also one of the DNSPod service objects.

at around 22 p.m. on May 18th, DNSPod hosts and multiple DNS servers suffered more than 10G traffic malicious attacks. Informed sources, the evening of 18 DNSPod exhausted the entire computer room about 1/3 of bandwidth resources, in order not to affect other users of the computer room, DNSPod Telecom main DNS server was forced offline.

DNSPod on the evening of 19 issued a letter of apology, said in the encounter malicious attacks after being sealed off IP Telecom backbone network, while DNSPod timely replacement of IP, but because the DNS protocol, DNS change IP up to 72 hours to take effect, causing many users of the domain name has been unable to resolve, record has been stuck in the telecommunications backbone fengdiao the old IP.

The approximate time

released a letter of apology in DNSPod, another round of high strength DNSPod came to malicious attacks, DNSPod service completely disrupted, completely paralyzed service, under which all domain names are unable to access the site, including storm.

due to the large number of users to open a storm storm "or use the provided online video service, the user submitted application cannot find the correct server access, continuous access to a large number of applications throughout the telecommunications network leads to accumulation of burden increases exponentially, network congestion.

May 19th at 21 PM, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi, Hainan, Gansu, Zhejiang province has six large-scale network failures, many Internet users have access to the Internet slow or unable to access the site etc.. Before zero, part of the operator will storm video server IP to join the DNS cache or prohibit its domain name resolution, the network has begun to resume.

suspected of using

attack website

the afternoon of May 20th, the Ministry of industry and information communication safeguard bureau to convene a national computer emergency coordination center, Telecommunications Research Institute, China Telecom group, storm company held an emergency meeting on May 19th. A network fault.

according to the notice issued by the Ministry of industry,