Luo Yonghao’s small target next year to earn 1 hundred million hammer technology


note: Luo Yonghao published a lengthy article in his personal micro-blog my long question and answer the original answer to the friends of hammer technology and many of his questions. Luo Yonghao said hammer technology next year, a small goal – to earn one hundred million of it, but also to answer the hammer on the design of aesthetics and product design related issues. However, don’t show you ge ~ ~ Text of the United States, the phonetic version of it, "you know what I mean?"

Q: the gold coffee so big, after the hammer mobile phone will continue to consider using the


of course, unless consumers don’t like it. If there is no accident, black and white two classic colors we will always do, other colors will be based on market reaction to adjust and try. In the first half of next year, our new products, we do a number of different colors to try, then we will give you a surprise.

Q: will you provide a higher version of memory next time, such as 128GB?

will. This time did not provide 128G, not because we do not think there is demand, but because of some objective constraints, it is regrettable.

Q: why Smartisan OS adhere to the materialization of


this is completely wrong understanding, Smartisan OS is not a quasi physical system, it is a quasi local objects, the flat flat system. Imitation or flat, not a simple aesthetic problem, but a professional product design problems. From the principles of human-computer interaction and graphical interface design, and some places to make things and flat can be said that some places must be prepared, and some places the best flat.

before the iOS 7 came out, iOS has always been an interactive logic, the place where the object is intended, the flat on the flat system. After Jonathan, the product manager, took over, everything changed. In addition to an amateur operating system, the strong side of the world to bring the product also includes a low both positive and negative sides of the IQ of a pseudo problem: to be good or good?

, for example, in the same interface, display content, usually designed to be flat, black and white, this is to allow users to focus on the content itself, the paper intends to study the imitation rather than text below what materials such as. But there are exceptions. For example, the same is the contents of the display, notes OS X made the post color appearance, this is to guide the user to post it when used, rather than as a text editor like to use) to the interface of the title bar, the design of "return" and "confirmation" of the "button", it must give the "button" painting as a physical button in the real world, namely a quasiphysical style "button", so that users do not have the cost of learning or learning, the lowest cost.