The original business search CTO Zhang Hai as stationmaster net CTO.

guests: Zhang Hai, the original business search CTO, engaged in 8 years of Web site program editor, a wealth of Web site development experience, while the development of multiple projects. Now for the dream network president invited to join the webmaster webmaster dedecms.

Red Wolf:

Zhang, Hello: May I ask you, you are engaged in web application development for more than 8 years, what a good view of the network technology, or what advice on technical staff just engaged in technical programming.

: Web application development is a boring job, for a program in terms of staff development, as long as with a hobby, interest and passion can really develop good stuff, and can continuously improve their technical level, in peacetime to much to share with everyone, more exchanges, don’t be afraid to learn your what other people do, just to help others, others will also help us. People well, there is a feeling. To believe that there will always be return.

red wolf: I think that many industry insiders wonder why you will suddenly join dedecms station network, can give you about


Zhang: the original webmaster network was my dream at the same time, he in fact before the Internet search ( as chief operating officer, although the age I was much older than him but we’ve been talking about, and I personally to him quite understand. He is young, passionate and self adjusted.

: I heard you dhole webmaster network so the members are very young, 80.

Zhang: Yes, in addition to me they are 85 later, can be said to be the youngest team on the Internet, the average age of our team is a total of 87 years of birth. You are holding interest and hobbies together, some from Shandong, some from Shanxi, Jiangxi and other regions together, thus the team spirit and enterprising spirit, have such a team how can I call not to join


: your website named Red Wolf dedecms station network, I think this name must have profound significance.

: Yes, I think it is not difficult to understand, and to create the meaning of fabric: preparation, dream: the dream of the future, and I believe that everyone can understand the "dream" – making dream, dream. This is one. The second is: our goal is to provide the majority of the network enthusiasts, beginners, to provide more information, so that they can grow quickly, to help them complete their dreams. Create a better tomorrow.

Honglang: we will be come to your website? Can get what you want in?

: I think this problem is not confident, we have the operation, strong technical team, always maintain the vitality of the website, we bring the latest and most complete Internet information, information, technology and operation method etc.. Here, I suggest you go to our website to see, the site is, will make you satisfied, and I believe that we will be like, A5 as powerful as