Analysis on the success factors of professional blog site Huffington Post

foreign professional blog site is still a hot spot in the field of venture capital

over the past four years, the United States received a total of $nine blog site reached $177 million in 2008 compared to the same period in 2007, the growth rate of up to 94% in 2009, still maintained a robust investment quota. In the raging global financial crisis, in the vigorous development of the emerging Facebook website, professional blog site financing is still to maintain a very high growth rate, is still a hot spot for investment in the Internet, blog network / Internet content is expected to market of venture capital at least in the next 2-3 years will continue to grow.

Huffington Post among the mainstream media

Internet first newspaper Huffington Post visitors and page views over the United States, the ten major newspapers online site, the golden age of traditional media gone forever, Huffington Post among the mainstream media.

number of independent visitors – Huffington Post2010.4 month independent visitors 22199 people, the average number of independent newspapers in the United States in the first ten months of the monthly number of visitors 7080.

page views – Huffington Post2010.4 page views 391MM, the average page views of the top ten newspapers in the United States 142MM

Huffington Post to become the world’s most valuable and largest professional blog site depends on three key success factors.

a, Huffington Post has been to win the quality of the content, the certification of high-end bloggers and high quality comments is guaranteed, and in the early days of the focus on the political field is an important factor to stand out.

heavyweight support and recognition. More than 3000 bloggers need to be certified. The political field of influential, there is often a well-known politician, scholar and celebrity names in the business, for their special feeds. Obama, Hilary and other politicians have been on the site to write a blog San Francisco mayor GavinNewsom, every two weeks to write an article. The early establishment, gathered high-end columnist and celebrity blog, including anchor Walter Cronkite, Bush speechwriter David Frum, Hollywood star Diane Keaton, documentary filmmaker Mike Moore et al, in Huffington Post’s blog, mostly radical liberal politicians and Hollywood celebrities.

high quality review. The site’s review system can be certified to deliver high quality reviews directly into bloggers. The active since its inception, received a total of 2 million 700 thousand comments, the website every month to produce 2 million comments.

two, although Huffington Post early news focus on the political aspects, but the site has to enter the field of multi content, the current site traffic